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  • Break the Mold with These Creative Uses for Concrete

Most people are familiar with the fact that the world's most popular building material is commonly found in roadways and sidewalks, but the truth is there are all sorts of creative uses for concrete. And some of them might surprise you. People everywhere have put outside-the-box thinking to work, finding innovative ways to showcase the material’s versatility. The General Chipping team has pulled together some of our favorite untraditional uses for the most common building material around.

When you think about concrete, you probably don’t think of furniture. (But maybe you will now.) The nature of concrete makes it the perfect material for durable outdoor furniture that not only enhances a space, but can hold up in any weather. (Even better? It’s also affordable.) The Instructables Workshop website offers a step-by-step guide for a DIY bench for a garden or company entryway. Just remember, however you plan to put concrete to work, you’ll need to plan ahead to ensure success. Make sure you have enough material on hand, and allow enough time for it to set. If you find that making things isn’t your forte, there are always pros out there willing to do the work for you.

The industrial look is in, and so are molded concrete light fixtures. Concrete lights can add artistic appeal to any room, and they’re sure to be a great conversation starter. If you want to try making them yourself, consider molding the material in the shape of your choice and even adding a stain to alter the color. Be sure to take weight into consideration — especially if the finished product will hang from the ceiling — to ensure it is properly supported.

Who knew concrete could look so good? Handcrafted artisan tile is beautiful to behold, and it doesn’t even look like concrete. Such tiles add character to any room, whether as part of an accent wall or flooring that truly defies typical concrete design.

Whether you make it yourself or you find these items from someone else who can, there are some pretty fantastic things that can come from concrete. Of course, concrete’s traditional uses in construction work also serve as an important part of the ever-growing infrastructure that propels our economy forward. If you have questions about any of this, or if you’re overdue for concrete chipping, reach out to the General Chipping team. We’re here to help, and happy to keep your business ready to roll.

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