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  • A Day in the Life of a Concrete Chipper

You know all about concrete chipping, and you understand why it’s important, but how much thought have you given to the concrete chipper? Have you ever wondered what it's like to be the guy who goes inside the drum? The average concrete chipper operates on a very different schedule than most other people do. The General Chipping team is here to offer you an inside look at something you might not have considered before. Here is a day in the life of a concrete chipper.

NOTE: Because every person — and concrete chipping job — is different, there will always be some variation.

General Chipping discusses a day in the life of a concrete chipperNoon (Or Later): Up and at ‘Em
Overnight shifts mean late nights for concrete chipping pros, so it’s no surprise they get a later start than many professionals out there. Around this time they’re waking up, getting lunch out of the way, tending to errands and gearing up for the day’s work.

3 p.m.: Hitting the Road
Although we work hard to map jobs out in a way that makes sense, we do work nationwide. And that means our crew members spend plenty of time behind the wheel. Around this time they’re mapping their route, heading out and, if possible, checking in to their lodgings. (Check out our "Road Safety: 101" blog post for great tips crews can use to play it safe while driving to job sites!)

6 p.m.:  Getting Down to Business
Before jumping into their work, team members warm up their muscles to help ward off strains, sprains and injury. After that, it’s time to don their PPE, grab their chisels and get to chipping.

9 p.m.: Dinner Time
Everybody’s got to eat — even concrete chippers. Around this time, the crew breaks to enjoy a bite during their 12-hour shift!

6 a.m.: Time to Pack Up
After a hard day of work, it’s time to head out. Crew members gather their tools, load up their vehicles and grab something to eat before hitting the hay. The process starts all over again the next day!

While it's true a concrete chipper's day-to-day schedule might not be what most people are used to — and that the work isn't always easy — the people in our field take pride in a job well done. For more information about concrete chipping, or to schedule your next appointment, feel free to contact General Chipping. We look forward to hearing from you!


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