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Concrete, CO2 Emissions and Efforts to Improve Our Industry

The concrete and cement industries play a pivotal role in our world, supporting the construction and infrastructure projects that keep communities growing, navigable and safe. Even so, their associated concrete CO2 emissions have developed into an obstacle all their own — one with potential to place the world’s environmental future at risk. In fact, it’s estimated that cement production accounts for 8% of the world’s [...]
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Your Summer Playlist to Rock Those Concrete Jobs

Things are heating up (quite literally) on construction work sites, and that means it’s time to update that summer playlist to include classic songs the whole crew can get down to when the temperature rises. While crew safety should always be the top priority on site, there’s no reason not to have fun with this concrete-inspired playlist. Concrete Jungle — Bob MarleyOften covered, but never [...]
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Pouring Concrete in Cold Weather: Tips Every Crew Should Know

The fall and winter seasons offer a welcome respite from blazing summer temperatures, but they also introduce special concerns for outdoor crews. Pouring concrete in cold weather can leave companies at risk of mechanical issues, safety concerns and costly issues in their finished concrete products. Planning ahead is the best thing a concrete or construction crew can do. Here, General Chipping's concrete chipping experts offer [...]
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Why Your Concrete Ready Mix Drum Spins (And Other Info You Should Know)

For crews who work in construction and concrete, ready mix truck drums aren’t just a tool of the trade. They’re the element that makes their very livelihood possible. For that reason, they know just about everything there is to know about that drum — how it works, the materials it mixes and the best way to care for it, too. Of course, when it comes [...]
Ready mix concrete truck driving through a small-town intersection

Concrete Truck Capacity: How Much Can Your Drum Really Hold?

At first glance, the question of concrete truck capacity might seem pretty cut and dried. After all, when you research your available options, you’re specifically told what a given drum is rated to hold. And since many redi mix concrete trucks on the road today are rated for anywhere from eight to 11 yards of concrete, shouldn’t it stand to reason that their drums can [...]