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Quality Ready Mix Chipping and Silo Maintenance Services

Ready mix chipping keeps your mixers and silos healthy and ready to take on your business’ day-to-day operations. Let General Chipping’s concrete chipping experts eliminate the concrete buildup that leads to inferior blends, unexpected downtime, a damaged reputation — and a disastrous bottom line.

With a skilled team dedicated to cleaning your drums right — and on your schedule — our concrete chipping services can get your down-and-out concrete drum mixer up and running again, and keep a healthy fleet of ready mix concrete trucks working well. Did we mention we offer silo maintenance, too? With cement silo cleaning options, we help ensure your team is prepared to tackle any project that comes up. Keep your crew ready to roll when you team up with General Chipping.
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General Chipping's Concrete Blog

Warning Signs That Your Cement Drum Needs Help

If you’re like most concrete and construction crews, you rely on your cement drum to get your jobs done and keep your customers happy. When that cement drum unexpectedly screeches to a halt — and slows projects down along with it — it can throw your business off the rails. The good news is, a […]

COVID-19: Construction Companies and Others Help with PPE

As nations the world over continue working through the uncertainty of COVID-19, personal protective equipment (PPE) is more important than ever. Under these circumstances, however, PPE doesn’t relate to the hard hats, eye protection and steel toe boots our concrete blog typically covers. It’s the protective items healthcare professionals need to perform their work safely. […]

Not Your Grandpa’s Concrete: Technology and the Building Material

Concrete technology. For people outside of the construction industry, it might sound like an oxymoron. After all, how much can the gray building material really change? The answer is, quite a bit. While all concrete might appear equal to the untrained eye, scientific minds the world over have been working hard to find new ways […]

Concrete Trouble: Contact Your Chipping Company Regarding Equipment Issues

No matter how careful you are when working with concrete, trouble will arise on the job. Why? Because, while concrete is incredibly versatile and one of the oldest building materials around, it can also be temperamental. Outdoor conditions affect the speed at which the material sets, for instance, while improper use of the ingredients that […]

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