General Chipping Keeps Your Concrete Drums Ready to Roll

Ensure your concrete drums, central mixers and cement silos are working their best for you, while keeping your bottom line protected. Book professional concrete chipping services from General Chipping on a quarterly basis.

By regularly allowing concrete chipping pros to evaluate your fleet of mixers and silos, and to remove concrete buildup and clumped cement, you free your valuable equipment of unnecessary weight, have healthier concrete blends and avoid issues that could lead to costly repair and replacements.

General Chipping’s licensed concrete chippers are trained to tackle your ready mix truck chipping, cement silo cleaning and central mixer cleaning services in the safest, most efficient manner possible. They’re also ready to hit the road 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Whether you require emergency service for your fleet, or you simply need chipping services to keep a healthy fleet moving, our crew is here to help. Contact General Chipping today and keep operations ready to roll.

Concrete Chipping & Silo Cleaning Done Right

General Chipping doesn’t just bring jackhammers to the job. We provide unparalleled customer service, nationwide support and extensive cement chipping experience in order to keep your concrete drums, cement storage silos and redi mix truck fleet serving you well.

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Routine Maintenance

We recommend servicing your mixing trucks and central mixers every three months to avoid unnecessary breakdowns, halts in labor and inconsistent concrete blends. Our concrete chippers will work with you to plan out regular concrete chipping appointments with a timeline and budget that make sense for your company.

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Emergency Assistance

When a redi mix truck you rely on suddenly stops working, it can throw off your entire operation. Our experienced team of concrete chipping experts will travel to you — whenever you need us, wherever you’re located — to provide the concrete drum chipping services you need to get back to business.

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Dedication to On-Time Service

At General Chipping, we respect your schedule and make every effort to complete every job by the estimated finish date. Our goal is to get in, get to work chipping concrete and then clear out, so your crew can remain on track.

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Nationwide Reach

Although headquartered in Houston, Texas, General Chipping proudly services concrete companies across the U.S. No matter your location, we can hit the road at any time day or night to bring you quality concrete chipping services on your schedule.

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Trained & Experienced Crew

Your ready mix trucks, silos and central mixers are key investments for your company, and they should be treated as such. General Chipping provides expert — and ongoing — equipment and safety training to every member of our team. It’s all part of our company’s dedication to creating a safer working environment for our people and yours.

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About General Chipping

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, and with service across the U.S., General Chipping is an industry leader in the areas of concrete drum chipping and silo maintenance. The family-owned business got its start in 2007, originally with three guys, a truck and a willingness get down to business on a day of chipping concrete.

As time progressed and our company’s reputation grew, General Chipping grew along with it.

Today, more than 15 years after our initial start, our crew is larger and our service area has expanded. Even so, our dedication to quality work remains unchanged. General Chipping takes pride in traveling the country providing expert concrete chipping service, central mixer cleaning and silo cleaning to keep concrete professionals ready and able to keep projects moving forward.

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