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Quality Ready Mix Chipping and Silo Maintenance Services

Ready mix chipping keeps your mixers and silos healthy and ready to take on your business’ day-to-day operations. Let General Chipping’s concrete chipping experts eliminate the concrete buildup that leads to inferior blends, unexpected downtime, a damaged reputation — and a disastrous bottom line.

With a skilled team dedicated to cleaning your drums right — and on your schedule — our concrete chipping services can get your down-and-out concrete drum mixer up and running again, and keep a healthy fleet of ready mix concrete trucks working well. Did we mention we offer silo maintenance, too? With cement silo cleaning options, we help ensure your team is prepared to tackle any project that comes up. Keep your crew ready to roll when you team up with General Chipping.
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General Chipping's Concrete Blog

Summer Safety: Keeping Teams Protected in Hot Working Conditions

Warm weather is here again, and for crews who work outdoors, that means it’s time to start discussions surrounding summer safety. From sunburns, to dehydration and even heat stroke, warm weather presents a unique set of on-the-job hazards. By highlighting potential dangers and educating your team about the best ways to approach their work, you […]

Company Considerations Amid the Construction Labor Shortage

As the construction labor shortage continues making headlines, companies everywhere find themselves getting creative when it comes to hiring, or simply learning to get the job done with a leaner crew. Concrete and construction teams are an industrious bunch, and even though they’re finding ways to make it work, it doesn’t mean they aren’t coming […]

Why is My Cement Storage Silo Experiencing Clogs?

Your cement storage silo carries a lot of weight for your business. It protects the key ingredient for your concrete blends against the elements. It makes your cement easily accessible. It helps keep your projects moving forward. That is, when that material flows out as it should. If you’ve noticed clumping, slower pours — or […]

Can You Pour Concrete in the Rain?

Talk of April showers brings one question to mind for many construction pros and DIYers: Can you pour concrete in the rain? And honestly, the answer might surprise you. You can, in fact, pour concrete during springtime showers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Read on to learn all about the issues that come […]

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