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Ready Mix Truck Maintenance: Tips to Remain Ready to Roll

Your ready mix truck is, quite literally, a well-oiled machine. It’s a substantial investment, the tool you use to carry out your work — and it’s an impressive piece of machinery, too. At General Chipping, we’re big believers in the idea that routine maintenance now can help concrete and construction companies avoid costly repairs and replacements, and can keep their vehicles healthy for the long [...]
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A Deeper Understanding of the Concrete Truck Drum

How well do you know the components of your concrete truck drum? Did you know that mixers and blades work together to serve two separate functions? Do you know what can happen when you allow too much buildup to accumulate inside — or the benefits of establishing an effective maintenance routine? General Chipping is here to answer the hard-hitting questions and supply you with tips [...]

Tackle Cement Silo Maintenance Between Professional Cleanings

When it comes to cement silo maintenance, experts recommend professional cleaning by a concrete chipping company every three months or so. But, is that the only time your silos require some TLC? Of course not. Just as with any important equipment or resource your company relies on, a bit of maintenance work is sometimes necessary in between regular checks and tune-ups. Here, the General Chipping [...]
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Maintenance Matters: Show Your Ready Mix Drums & Trucks Some Respect

Chipping out concrete from your ready mix drums might seem like strenuous, labor-intensive work — and it is. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. At General Chipping, we encourage our friends and customers to incorporate concrete chipping into their regular vehicle maintenance plans. Doing so shows basic respect for the ready mix drums and trucks upon which your team members rely — and makes sense, [...]
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Is Chemical Cement Mixer Drum Cleaner All You Need?

A chemically based cement mixer drum cleaner might seem like the easy fix when it comes to maintaining your redi mix truck drums and central mixers. But, is it enough to keep concrete buildup at bay? In short, the answer is no. While such products can do a great job helping to delay the onset of caked-on concrete, buildup will eventually make itself known. At [...]