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Central Mixer Cleaning

Keep Your Concrete Mixer Moving with a Regular Central Mixer Cleaning

When you’ve got caked-on concrete inside your central mixer drum, you need a reliable team for a central mixer cleaning. General Chipping can get your equipment back up and moving, so your team has the means to get their next job done. 

An important part of any concrete company’s routine maintenance efforts, central mixer cleaning involves chipping hardened material away from your drum’s walls, ushering that material out and providing a thorough inspection to ensure your expensive equipment is ready and able to tackle your team’s next projects. Experts recommend hiring a professional central mixer cleaning company like General Chipping to tend to your mixers every three months

Our trained concrete chippers are here to keep your concrete mixer cleaner — no matter how long it’s been since your last appointment. Whether you need emergency assistance for a central mixer that’s ground to a complete stop, or simple ongoing maintenance to keep a healthy mixer moving, General Chipping proud to provide around-the-clock service, a nationwide reach and expertise to get the job done right.

What Benefits Does Concrete Mixer Drum Cleaning Offer?

Central mixer cleaning is aimed at keeping your company’s equipment clean, healthy and able to help you do your work. On top of all that, it helps you sidestep budget-breaking repairs and replacements. Here are a few ways the service helps..

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Concrete Mixer Drum Cleaning Increases Drum Capacity

The more dried material present inside your mixing drum, the less space there is for fresh concrete. And that can cause your crew to make unnecessary trips back and forth to mix new material, wasting time and gas — and drawing your project out longer than it should. Keeping your concrete mixer clean helps keep things on track by ensuring you have the concrete you need for the work ahead.

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Concrete Mixer Drum Cleaning Reduces Excess Weight

There’s no way around the fact that concrete is heavy stuff. And every time you blend concrete, some material remains behind in your drum. As time progresses and that buildup grows, it can throw the drum off-balance and lead to mechanical issues that slow the drum’s spin — or halt it altogether. By keeping drums clear, you’re helping to keep your concrete mixer moving, unimpeded.

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Concrete Mixer Drum Cleaning Makes for Better Blends

Did you know your concrete central mixer can impact the mixed material itself? Not only can halts in your drum’s rotation make it difficult to get ingredients incorporated, but dried material along the drum’s walls can also break off and become incorporated. The result can be a lumpy finished product that doesn’t just look bad, but which isn’t as strong as it should be. Clean drums keep concrete pours on point.

How Does General Chipping’s Concrete Chipping Service Work?

No two concrete chipping appointments are ever quite alike, but they do tend to follow a similar track. Here’s a general look at what you can expect from your central mixer cleaning appointment.


General Chipping’s concrete chippers will arrive at your location on the date and time decided upon when you speak with our office team. Although 6 p.m. is about the time most appointments begin, our team is happy to work around your schedule.


Once there, our team does a bit of stretching and puts on personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure they’re ready to tackle your work safely. They then enter your concrete central mixer (or reach inside, depending on the size of the mixer itself). Using handheld jackhammers, they chip away any material that has hardened along your drum’s walls, all to get your concrete mixer cleaner.


Chipped concrete is then removed from your central mixer and piled up so you can have it hauled away.


After the work is finished and your job site is cleaned (typically around 6 a.m.), our professional concrete chippers pack up and leave for the next job.

Please Note: We aim to make your concrete chipping appointments as efficient as possible, taking care of your silo cleaning and redi mix drum chipping needs at the same time we’re working on your central mixers. While it isn’t required, but we do find most companies prefer to knock all three tasks off their to-do list at once

Never Let an Amateur Take on Central Mixer Cleaning

The process of chipping caked-on concrete from the walls of your central mixer can be incredibly dangerous. This is due to hazards including (but not limited to) fall risks, flying material and dangers related to cement dust. For these reasons, you should only leave such work to trained and licensed professional, such as those at General Chipping.

Our concrete chipping experts undergo regular equipment and safety training course that keep them at the top of their game and fully informed regarding industry best practices. These ongoing efforts help ensure they’re providing the best possible care for your concrete central mixers, and operating in a way that creates a safer overall job site.