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Whether you’re looking for information about the redi-mix concrete chipping process, are searching for safety tips to better protect your team or want to know more about general concrete information, you’ve come to the right place. Our concrete blog offers insight into everything you might want to know about chipping concrete.

Things Your Concrete Chipping Crew Should be Doing

It’s like clockwork — every three months your concrete chipping crew arrives to roll up its sleeves on your company’s drum chipping, central mixer cleaning and silo cleaning needs. But, is the crew doing everything they should be doing for you? While every business operates a little differently, there are a few things every qualified […]

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Stop Searching for “How to Remove Hardened Concrete from Mixer”

If you’ve ever peered into a slow redi mix truck drum, contemplated the mess and then keyed “How to remove hardened concrete from mixer” into your smartphone, chances are multiple results popped up. From step-by-step instructions about chipping concrete out yourself to tips on using chemicals to keep buildup at bay, there is a lot […]

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Construction Safety Gear: Choosing the Right Work Boots

Construction safety gear plays a crucial role in keeping crewmembers protected on the jobsite. When it comes to work boots, however, not everyone knows how to select the right footwear for their work. Unlike heading to the store for a pair of everyday shoes, choosing the right work boots is about more than looks and […]

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What is "Chipping Concrete?" A Back-to-Basics Explainer

What is "chipping concrete?" For many people who work in construction and similar fields, the question might seem silly. Even so, at General Chipping our crew comes across individuals and companies almost daily who haven’t heard about the work we do. We wanted to take the opportunity to provide a simple overview of what ready […]

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Focusing in on Safety: Toolbox Talks

When it comes to educating your crew members about safety, toolbox talks are an effective resource. These regular meet-ups provide a fantastic opportunity to gather entire teams together to discuss specific issues, get ideas flowing and lay out improvements that create safer, more streamlined practices. The key is to carry these meetings out in a […]

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Keeping Your Cement Mixer Cleaner: Maintenance Between Concrete Chipping Sessions

Regular concrete chipping makes a world of difference when it comes to drum maintenance, but at General Chipping we also encourage companies to take efforts to keep their cement mixer cleaner in between appointments, too. Why? Because a well-maintained concrete drum helps ensure proper concrete blends, helps you avoid costly repair work — and generally […]

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Know the Numbers: On-the-Job Construction and Concrete Dangers

For people who work in construction or concrete, dangers are an everyday part of the job. From fall hazards to the risks of working near traffic and even the dangers of concrete dust, seemingly simple oversights can lead to disastrous consequences. Have you ever wondered exactly where things stand in the world of workplace injuries? […]

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How Does General Chipping Put OSHA Safety Training to Work?

The General Chipping crew is dedicated to safe practices on the jobsite, and we rely on regular OSHA safety training to make it all possible. How exactly does OSHA training factor in to our day-to-day?

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Better Behind the Wheel - Road Safety: 101

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Stay Ahead of the Game with Cement Silo Cleaning

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