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Whether you’re looking for information about the redi-mix concrete chipping process, are searching for safety tips to better protect your team or want to know more about general concrete information, you’ve come to the right place. Our concrete blog offers insight into everything you might want to know about chipping concrete, from how to get your concrete drum mixer up and running again and tips to keep a healthy fleet of ready mix concrete trucks running efficiently. We're also offering up helpful articles about safety and PPE, as well as industry lingo, so you're ready for whatever job comes your way. 

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Why is My Cement Storage Silo Experiencing Clogs?

Your cement storage silo carries a lot of weight for your business. It protects the key ingredient for your concrete blends against the elements. It makes your cement easily accessible. It helps keep your projects moving forward. That is, when that material flows out as it should. If you’ve noticed clumping, slower pours — or […]

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Can You Pour Concrete in the Rain?

Talk of April showers brings one question to mind for many construction pros and DIYers: Can you pour concrete in the rain? And honestly, the answer might surprise you. You can, in fact, pour concrete during springtime showers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Read on to learn all about the issues that come […]

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A Deeper Understanding of the Concrete Truck Drum

How well do you know the components of your concrete truck drum? Did you know that mixers and blades work together to serve two separate functions? Do you know what can happen when you allow too much buildup to accumulate inside — or the benefits of establishing an effective maintenance routine? General Chipping is here […]

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15 Years of Concrete Chipping: in Texas and Beyond

Since 2007, hardworking crews at General Chipping have proudly rolled up their sleeves to dig in on concrete chipping in Texas — and throughout the U.S. Of course, every company has a story, and ours is no exception. As we embark on our milestone 15th year, we wanted to take a moment to delve into […]

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Concrete 3D Printing: A Construction Trend Gaining Traction

Once the stuff of imagination, concrete 3D printing has found a very real space for itself in modern-day construction. This building technique, a means of creating durable, cost-effective structures quickly and with far less manpower than with traditional methods, has gained in popularity. At General Chipping, we love seeing the concrete industry change with the […]

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The Best Defense is a Good Offense with Silo & Mixer Maintenance

A solid approach to cement silo and mixer maintenance is just like a good game of football: It's all about the strategy. Knowing when to stick with tried-and-true plays you've been running for years — and when operations might call for you to run interference — can help you keep your projects moving forward as […]

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New Year’s Resolutions for Concrete and Construction Companies

As people everywhere lay out plans to better themselves in the coming months, companies are setting a few New Year’s resolutions of their own. After all, the new year is the chance at a fresh start — and an opportunity to dig into operations with smarter, more targeted business practices. For companies in construction and […]

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Concrete Industry Outlook: A Glimpse at What’s to Come

As we close the door on 2021 and step into a new year, companies everywhere have their sights set on the concrete industry outlook. And if experts’ current calculations turn out to ring true, it seems concrete and construction crews have a busy time ahead of them. That’s right, many studies indicate coming growth for […]

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Emergency Assistance: Here to Help 24/7

At General Chipping, our crew takes pride in providing emergency assistance upon which our clients rely. But what exactly does that entail? (After all, “emergency assistance” means different things to different people — especially when it comes to your ready mix trucks.) For us, it’s a willingness and ability to hit the road on any […]

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Special Considerations for Concrete Pours in Cold Weather

Cold weather concrete pours require special attention. Freezing — or even near-freezing — temperatures can create safety issues surrounding the stability of the finished concrete, and for crews working in those conditions. However, there are some steps you can take to successfully set concrete in cold weather. At General Chipping, we believe the best work […]

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