Whether you’re looking for information about the redi-mix concrete chipping process, are searching for safety tips to better protect your team or want to know more about general concrete information, you’ve come to the right place. Our blog offers insight into everything you might want to know about chipping concrete.

The Results Are In: General Chipping State of the Industry Survey

In an effort to gauge the current construction and concrete market — and to see what businesses expect for the months ahead — General Chipping asked companies like yours to take part in a brief State of the Industry Survey. We are excited to announce that our friends, colleagues and clients really came through.  … Read More »

National Safety Month: Keying in on Worker Safety

General Chipping encourages safe practices year-round. Even so, when the opportunity arises to place special emphasis on protecting the people you work with, we are excited to take it. June is National Safety Month, and our team has pulled together some important information crews can use to play it safe on the jobsite.   Get… Read More »

How Do Different Concrete Blends Affect My Cement Mixing Drum?

Concrete is versatile, it’s affordable and it’s one of the most commonly-used building materials in existence today. Still, while its basic components might remain largely the same across the board, not every blend is created equal. The specific ingredients and ratios that come into play affect the finished product — and can impact your cement… Read More »

How Can I Make Sure I’m Working with a Reputable Concrete Company?

Whether you need to pour a new driveway, chip dried concrete from your mixing drums, tackle repair work – or take on another concrete project entirely, it is important to do work with a reputable concrete company. With so many options available, however, it can be difficult to determine the right crew for the job…. Read More »

What Updates Will General Chipping Introduce in the New Year?

At General Chipping, our company is always searching for ways to improve our service, update our practices and provide a better overall experience to the customers who depend on our work. As we take the first exciting steps into 2018, there are a few things we look forward to implementing in order to make this… Read More »

Confined Spaces: Understanding the Hazards of Concrete Chipping

You might have noticed that the General Chipping crew spends a lot of time talking about safety on the job. That isn’t just because we enjoy a good conversation, although we’ll admit that we do. It’s because the work we carry out each day is inherently dangerous. We feel it is important to highlight the… Read More »

Does General Chipping Have Jobs Available?

At General Chipping, we take pride in making our services available to clients when they need them, wherever they may be. We constantly find ourselves hitting the road at odd hours to perform emergency service work on down-and-out cement mixing drums, or scheduling out maintenance jobs for entire fleets of trucks. So, if you’re wondering… Read More »

Safety at the Forefront: Ergonomics in Concrete Work.

Protective eyewear, steel toe boots, hard hats and similar PPE play an important role in keeping concrete workers safe on the job. Still, there are other precautions to consider, too. Ergonomics, or the way people use the equipment and furniture around them, can directly impact how quickly team members become fatigued — and shape their… Read More »

#HoustonStrong — Through Hurricane Harvey, its Aftermath and Beyond.

They say it is during times of trouble that one’s true character shines through. As General Chipping’s hometown of Houston continues to recover and rebuild in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, we couldn’t agree more. In late August we watched as Harvey doused our city with record-breaking amounts of rainfall, as waters rose, as flooding… Read More »

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