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Chip Away at the Concrete Chipping Blog

Whether you’re looking for information about how a concrete chipper provides silo and drum maintenance, are searching for safety tips to better protect your team or want to know more about concrete and cement in general, General Chipping’s concrete chipping blog is your one-stop shop for all things related to the world’s most popular building material. (And it gets updated all the time.)

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This National Safety Month, Consider Mental Health, Too

June is National Safety Month. This annual event is an opportunity for crews everywhere to assess day-to-day operations, find areas that could be improved upon and take active measures to better protect team members and those around them. While you should always cover basic concerns such as ensuring your team is up to date on safety training and personal protective equipment (PPE) use, other health […]
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Ready Mix Truck Maintenance: Tips to Remain Ready to Roll

Your ready mix truck is, quite literally, a well-oiled machine. It’s a substantial investment, the tool you use to carry out your work — and it’s an impressive piece of machinery, too. At General Chipping, we’re big believers in the idea that routine maintenance now can help concrete and construction companies avoid costly repairs and replacements, and can keep their vehicles healthy for the long […]
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Concrete, CO2 Emissions and Efforts to Improve Our Industry

The concrete and cement industries play a pivotal role in our world, supporting the construction and infrastructure projects that keep communities growing, navigable and safe. Even so, their associated concrete CO2 emissions have developed into an obstacle all their own — one with potential to place the world’s environmental future at risk. In fact, it’s estimated that cement production accounts for 8% of the world’s […]
first aid kit for concrete burns

Concrete Burns: What You Need to Know

The general public may see freshly poured concrete and think it’s just an opportunity to “leave their mark,” but concrete pros know fresh material can cause serious concrete burns to anyone who isn’t careful. (That includes professionals and everyday citizens alike.) Here are a few things you need to know about this chemical burn danger. How Concrete Burns Happen Part of concrete’s appeal is its […]
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Your Summer Playlist to Rock Those Concrete Jobs

Things are heating up (quite literally) on construction work sites, and that means it’s time to update that summer playlist to include classic songs the whole crew can get down to when the temperature rises. While crew safety should always be the top priority on site, there’s no reason not to have fun with this concrete-inspired playlist. Concrete Jungle — Bob MarleyOften covered, but never […]
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