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The General Chipping team has pulled together our best concrete tips, advice about concrete chipping and other resources aimed at informing, educating — and making life simpler. The way we see it, a little information can go a long way when it comes to encouraging solid practices and safe job sites. Read on and learn a little something.

Best Practices

Three months is the recommended timeframe between concrete chipping sessions. Otherwise, you risk excessive buildup which could damage your vehicles and lead to heftier chipping costs.

A cement mixer truck drum rated for 10 yards of concrete can actually hold approximately 14 yards total. Still, it should never be filled past the 10-yard line. The extra space allows for easy mixing and wards off issues such as clumped ingredients and inconsistent blends.

Chipping appointments vary from job to job, but a solid guideline is to book a 12-hour window to ensure enough time to the job done.

Glossary of Terms


A powdery substance made of ground minerals such as chalk, limestone and shells. Cement is the main ingredient in concrete and acts as a binder, hardening and adhering materials to one another.

Cement Mixing Drum

Rotating element which combines the cement, aggregate and water required to create concrete. Such drums are often located on the back of ready mix concrete trucks, although freestanding varieties are also available.

Cement Storage Silo

Large metal tank used to hold cement until the product is needed for concrete creation.

Central Mixer

A portable, rotating device capable of producing large amounts of concrete. Such devices typically pour mixed concrete directly into mixing drums on waiting ready mix concrete trucks so the product can travel to the jobsite.

Central Mixer Cleaning

A process by which trained crews reach inside central mixers and use handheld jackhammers to break away dried concrete which has formed along the drum’s walls.


One of the most common building products in use today, concrete is comprised of cement, water and aggregate such as sand. Exact blends and ingredients vary, depending on strength requirements, aesthetics and other considerations surrounding particular jobs.

Concrete Chipping

A process by which trained crews use handheld jackhammers to break away dried concrete which has formed along the interior walls of companies’ cement mixing drums, central mixers and cement storage silos.

Portland Cement

The most common type of cement used today, Portland cement serves as a key ingredient in building materials such as concrete, stucco and mortar. Learn more on the blog >>

Ready Mix Concrete

Concrete prepared inside a production facility and blended to meet project specifications. The finished product is transported to the jobsite by trucks featuring cement mixing drums. Other accepted spellings include: Redi Mix Concrete, Redi-Mix Concrete, Ready Mixed Concrete and Ready-Mixed Concrete. Learn more on the blog >>

Silo Cleaning

A process which requires trained crews to lower themselves into cement storage silos to break up clumped and clogged cement, and then usher unusable material out through the silo’s bottom opening.

Volumetric Mixer

A concrete production facility in the form of a truck. Volumetric mixers travel to companies’ jobsites and produce custom concrete blends in the exact amount required for the job.

Go in Knowing What You Need.

Our concrete calculator makes it easy to gauge exactly how much material your next project will require.

Chipping Concrete: How Does it Work?

We’re glad you asked. Our video covers the ins and outs.

Concrete and Construction Quick Links

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