Whether you’re looking for information about the redi-mix concrete chipping process, are searching for safety tips to better protect your team or want to know more about general concrete information, you’ve come to the right place. Our blog offers insight into everything you might want to know about chipping concrete.

Know the Numbers: On-the-Job Construction and Concrete Dangers

For people who work in construction or concrete, dangers are an everyday part of the job. From fall hazards to the risks of working near traffic and even the dangers of concrete dust, seemingly simple oversights can lead to disastrous consequences. Have you ever wondered exactly where things stand in the world of workplace injuries?… Read More »

How Does General Chipping Put OSHA Safety Training to Work?

The General Chipping crew is dedicated to safe practices on the jobsite, and we rely on regular OSHA safety training to make it all possible. How exactly does OSHA training factor in to our day-to-day? In our minds, it’s all about translating rules and regulations into best practices we can put into action. Here are… Read More »

Safe Practices on the Jobsite: Proper Hard Hat Fit

When it comes to the practices that protect your crew members on the job, proper hard hat fit is something few people consider. Hard hats play an important role in helping safeguard against injuries due to falls — or falling objects — however, and the right fit makes a difference. General Chipping has pulled together… Read More »

Why (and How) You Should Stretch Before Strenuous Physical Work

Full days spent working in cramped conditions, hauling heavy equipment and maneuvering around coworkers — jobs like construction work and chipping concrete place heavy physical demands on team members. At General Chipping, safety is our top priority. We encourage our team members, clients and colleagues to practice proper stretch and warm-up techniques before starting a… Read More »

National Safety Month: Keying in on Worker Safety

General Chipping encourages safe practices year-round. Even so, when the opportunity arises to place special emphasis on protecting the people you work with, we are excited to take it. June is National Safety Month, and our team has pulled together some important information crews can use to play it safe on the jobsite.   Get… Read More »

Confined Spaces: Understanding the Hazards of Concrete Chipping

You might have noticed that the General Chipping crew spends a lot of time talking about safety on the job. That isn’t just because we enjoy a good conversation, although we’ll admit that we do. It’s because the work we carry out each day is inherently dangerous. We feel it is important to highlight the… Read More »

Safety at the Forefront: Ergonomics in Concrete Work.

Protective eyewear, steel toe boots, hard hats and similar PPE play an important role in keeping concrete workers safe on the job. Still, there are other precautions to consider, too. Ergonomics, or the way people use the equipment and furniture around them, can directly impact how quickly team members become fatigued — and shape their… Read More »

How Do I Protect My Team and Those Around Them from Cement Dust?

Concrete work is inherently dangerous, and on a variety of levels. Crews often find themselves working in extreme temperatures or around heavy traffic, and the physical strain can pack a punch. One hazard that often goes overlooked, however, is the cement dust created when emptying bags into mixers or breaking finished concrete. This seemingly innocuous… Read More »

What New Years Resolutions Can Construction Companies Implement?

As companies everywhere step into 2017, many hope for a fresh start — a chance to begin the new year with smarter, more targeted business practices. For companies in construction, one of the best ways to do that is to take a closer look at the care and upkeep of their valuable vehicles. General Chipping… Read More »

How Can I Encourage Cold Weather Safety for My Crew?

Autumn is here once more, and for crews across the country, that means cold working conditions are just around the corner. Just as summer presents its own set of safety concerns for outdoor workers, winter does, too. Is your team armed with proper cold weather safety information for the months ahead? At General Chipping, we… Read More »

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