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Concrete Truck Chipping Ensures Healthy Drums — and a Healthy Bottom Line

Concrete truck chipping is one of those preventative maintenance measures that companies tend to overlook. Why? Because, as the old adage goes, when something is out of sight, it’s out of mind. And that concrete truck chipping? It takes place deep inside your ready mix truck drums. The truth is, however, this oft-forgotten maintenance measure can play a tremendous role in keeping your crew able to carry out its work, your customers happy — and your business operating profitably.

How is it that concrete truck chipping has such a massive impact on your business’ success? Read on to learn a few of the benefits associated with the practice — and for a better understanding of what goes into the work, as well.

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How Does Concrete Truck Chipping Protect Your Profitability?

During the concrete chipping process, trained chippers physically enter your ready mix drums to remove the caked-on material left behind after your pours. And this work isn’t about the aesthetics. Instead, the focus is on keeping your mixing drums usable — and your crew able to go about its day-to-day work. (After all, that’s how you earn your living.) We’ve broken a few of the benefits out right here:

  • Concrete Drum Chipping Lowers Your Likelihood of Costly Repairs and Replacements: By removing that dried concrete from your truck drums, you’re removing weight that can throw off your drum’s balance, place undue stress on its mechanical elements and lead to lags or out-and-out breakdowns. (And the fact that your crew is able to operate on schedule? That keeps your customers happy.)

  • Concrete Drum Chipping Makes for More Effective Pours: Over time, accumulated concrete inside your truck drums will actually lower your carrying capacity. By scheduling regular chipping appointments, you keep the interior free and open, and ensure you can carry the maximum amount of material to your job site. (And that means less costly back-and-forth!)

  • Concrete Drum Chipping Helps You Spot Other Potential Troubles Early On: Your concrete chipping crew’s main priority is to remove dried material, but that isn’t the only place their attention lies. While in and around your concrete truck, team members regularly inspect other elements for potential problems. That means someone is more likely to spot previously undetected corrosion, mechanical issues and the like before they become budget-breaking troubles.

A Few Things You Should Know About Concrete Truck Chipping:

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