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  • Confined Spaces: Understanding the Hazards of Concrete Chipping

You might have noticed that the General Chipping crew spends a lot of time talking about safety on the job. That isn't just because we enjoy a good conversation, although we'll admit that we do. It's because the work we carry out each day is inherently dangerous. We feel it is important to highlight the potential hazards our team faces on the job as a way to educate our friends and clients while encouraging safe practices. Take, for instance, confined spaces.

Because concrete chipping requires us to physically enter ready mix concrete trucks' drums, our team members are constantly working in cramped quarters. This creates hazards far beyond bumping elbows with fellow chippers. Here is a general rundown of the issues such conditions can create - and the safeguards our team takes.

Sloped walls and small openings lead to limited ventilation.
When your work results in airborne cement dust and piles of chipped concrete which can block exits, ensuring your crew has access to breathable air is crucial. We arm our team members with masks and ventilation equipment on the job, and require regular training to ensure everyone is working in a way that keeps themselves and those around them safe. In addition, we encourage team members to take regular breaks out in the fresh air whenever needed.

The hazards of confined spaces in concrete chipping work

Overcrowding heightens dangers and makes exiting the drum difficult.
The more people you have chipping concrete inside the drum, the more debris and cement dust there is. Not only that, but in emergency situations, too many people scrambling to get out at the same time can lead to life-threatening holdups. At General Chipping we limit the number of crew members chipping concrete inside a drum and take measures to limit unauthorized individuals' ability to enter.

Interested in learning other ways General Chipping strives to keep our operations safe, even within confined spaces? We would be glad to fill you in. Reach out through our Contact page or give us a call at 1.866.343.8295.

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