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  • Is Chemical Cement Mixer Drum Cleaner All You Need?

A chemically based cement mixer drum cleaner might seem like the easy fix when it comes to maintaining your redi mix truck drums and central mixers. But, is it enough to keep concrete buildup at bay? In short, the answer is no. While such products can do a great job helping to delay the onset of caked-on concrete, buildup will eventually make itself known. At General Chipping, we encourage those who use chemicals to keep their mixers and drums clean to incorporate concrete chipping into their maintenance routine, too.

Cement mixer drum cleaner, paired with concrete chipping, can help keep mixing drums healthy.

You see, a chemical cement drum mixer cleaner should be considered the first step of the concrete drum cleaning process. While cleaners will vary depending on the manufacturer and particular blend, they work in much the same manner. Basically, your crew will apply the cleaner to the inside of the drum using a brush-type applicator. (Pay careful attention to whether dilution is needed, as too strong a chemical could damage the drum, while too weak a chemical might not accomplish the task.) Then, wait for a given amount of time as the product goes to work. After it has eaten through the dried material, your team’s next step is to sweep the residue from the drum, then give it a good wash to remove any remaining chemical residue.

 The result should be a drum that looks nearly as good as new. And, while it’s in much better shape than it would be had you not incorporated that cement mixer drum cleaner, there will always be some material left behind. That’s where the process of chipping concrete comes in!

This next portion of the drum cleaning process, concrete chipping, is the element our team enjoys taking on. Crews like ours will roll up their sleeves to physically enter your redi mix truck drums or reach inside your central mixers to clean out hardened debris using handheld jackhammers. By clearing away that debris, you lessen the drum’s load and sidestep issues such as breakdowns, which could put your crew out of commission.

There’s a fair bit of teamwork that goes into drum maintenance. While that chemical cement mixer drum cleaner is a fantastic first step, you’ll want to incorporate truck chipping into the mix, too, to keep your drum working well for you. (The good news is, use of chemicals typically means that, instead of booking chippings every three months, you can likely go a bit longer between appointments.)

Have additional questions about chipping concrete? Or are you curious about how a chemical cement mixer drum cleaner might factor into your maintenance process? We are always glad to serve as a resource for you and your company. Contact us today!

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