boombox summer playlist

Your Summer Playlist to Rock Those Concrete Jobs

Things are heating up (quite literally) on construction work sites, and that means it’s time to update that summer playlist to include classic songs the whole crew can get down to when the temperature rises. While crew safety should always be the top priority on site, there’s no reason not to have fun with this concrete-inspired playlist.

Concrete Jungle — Bob Marley
Often covered, but never matched, this Bob Marley classic will keep the crew moving through the heat of summer. There have been so many cover versions, in fact, that you could probably create an entire day-long playlist of versions from different artists in different genres.

Highway (Under Construction) — Gorillaz
Another slow and steady beat for summer, this deep track from the UK virtual band Gorillaz blends a chirpy rhythm with a catchy electronic sound and upbeat lyrics.

Working on the Highway — Bruce Springsteen
The morning crew will appreciate the speedy beat of this Springsteen hit from his iconic “Born in the USA” album. It’s bound to get things moving as the cement gets ready to flow.

Brick by Brick — Arctic Monkeys
The vintage alternative rock vibe of this song by the Arctic Monkeys will have the crew picking up the pace when the heat starts to wear everybody down. 

We Built This City — Starship
Yes, this song claims rock and roll built this city — but we all know it was probably the concrete. This 1980s top 40 hit combines nostalgia with a catchy beat that will have people humming the chorus all the way home.

We Will Rock You — Queen
It’s a classic for a reason — everyone on crew will be singing along and slinging concrete like a champion when this Queen song starts playing. (Who wouldn’t have a good time rocking out to Queen while rocking their concrete work?)

Building Bridges — Brooks & Dunn
When it’s time to cool things down and get the ready-mix truck cleaned out, this Brooks & Dunn love song featuring Sheryl Crow and Vince Gill will keep things rolling along until the end of the workday.

While mixing up the playlist this summer, always remember to keep an eye out for any signs of heat-related illness. Stay hydrated and make sure everyone is taking their scheduled breaks — preferably in the shade or indoors — whenever possible. It’s also a good time to make sure equipment is running smoothly and perform any seasonal maintenance work. Give us a call to schedule chipping service to help keep equipment healthy this summer, too.