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  • Warning Signs That Your Cement Drum Needs Help

If you’re like most concrete and construction crews, you rely on your cement drum to get your jobs done and keep your customers happy. When that cement drum unexpectedly screeches to a halt — and slows projects down along with it — it can throw your business off the rails. The good news is, a few warning signs can help companies better understand when trouble is on the way.

Lags in the Mixing Process
The average cement drum is designed to spin at a range of speeds, depending on whether the goal is to agitate the material inside, or to mix it. Whatever the speed, the cement drum should always move smoothly and uniformly. In other words, there should be no jerks or halts in the drum’s spinning motion. Odd movement could indicate an excess of dried concrete along the drum’s walls, or potential trouble with the machinery itself. Head off trouble early on by having your cement drum evaluated by a professional.


Dried Material Present in Fresh Concrete
The goal of most every concrete project is to create a strong finished product with a pristine look. When unanticipated lumps appear in your poured mix, it can negatively affect both that strength and the overall aesthetic. Excess bits could be a sign that concrete mixed for a previous pour has accumulated to the point where it’s detaching and falling into your fresh material. The best way to combat the issue is to have a trained concrete chipping company clean your drums — ideally every three months.


Missed Maintenance Appointments
It might sound strange, but one of the biggest indicators that something could be wrong with your cement drum is knowing that you haven’t recently gotten it serviced. Regular maintenance appointments — oil changes for cement drums mounted to redi mix trucks, concrete chipping appointments to clear dried debris, safety inspections and the like — are your best defense against costly repairs. If possible, stagger maintenance work so that the costs don’t stack up. Those regular assessments can make a world of difference in spotting potential trouble before turns into something that requires costly replacement or repairs.

Your cement drum works hard for your crew. When you keep an eye out for potential problems — and get them taken care of quickly — you help ensure it can continue to do so. Have questions? We’d love to help! Contact the General Chipping crew today!

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