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Service Areas

General Chipping takes pride in traveling near and far to chip concrete from your redi mix drums and central mixers, and to provide cleaning services that keep your cement storage silos healthy. Due to areas with increased demand for our services, as well as partnerships developed through the years, however, there are certain regions we visit more frequently than others.

In general, our team of concrete chippers carries out redi-mix concrete removal and silo cleaning work throughout the Southern, Midwestern and Eastern United States. The map on this page details many — albeit not all — of our regular stops. Of course, we’re always looking to expand our reach. If your business sits outside of the areas indicated on the map, but you’re looking for someone to chip concrete from your drums and mixers, General Chipping would be glad to talk. Reach out to learn all the ways we’re here to keep you ready to roll.

An Overview of Areas Where We Chip Concrete

  • Atlanta, Georgia Concrete Chipping
  • Charleston, South Carolina Concrete Chipping
  • Chicago, Illinois Concrete Chipping
  • Cincinnati, Ohio Concrete Chipping
  • Cleveland, Ohio Concrete Chipping
  • Dallas, Texas Concrete Chipping
  • Denver, Colorado Concrete Chipping
  • Greenville, North Carolina Concrete Chipping
  • Houston, Texas Concrete Chipping
  • Indianapolis, Indiana Concrete Chipping
  • Kansas City, Kansas Concrete Chipping
  • Little Rock, Arkansas Concrete Chipping
  • Louisville, Kentucky Concrete Chipping
  • Nashville, Tennessee Concrete Chipping
  • New York City, New York Concrete Chipping
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Concrete Chipping
  • Omaha, Nebraska Concrete Chipping
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Concrete Chipping
  • Raleigh, North Carolina Concrete Chipping
  • Richmond, Virginia Concrete Chipping
  • St. Louis, Missouri Concrete Chipping
  • St. Paul, Minnesota Concrete Chipping

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