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  • Book Preventative Maintenance in Advance

As your company continues rolling on plans for 2020, don’t forget to factor concrete chipping and other preventative maintenance into the mix. What’s the benefit of planning ahead for silo cleaning and drum chipping? Here are just a few of the things that come to mind:

Schedule preventative maintenance such as concrete chipping well in advance

Companies Can Pencil You in
Concrete chipping companies book up quickly throughout the year. And, while most crews will do what they can to accommodate your company’s busy schedule, sometimes they simply can’t meet last-minute requests. Booking your truck chipping out well in advance guarantees your chipping crew will be there when you need them.

Peace of Mind
Concrete chipping professionals don’t recommend scheduling drum chipping and cement silo cleaning every three months just to increase their business. That timeline is ideal for keeping your ready mix truck drums, central mixers and cement storage silos working their best for you. Regular maintenance saves you headaches and money you’d otherwise spend on repairs.

Putting the Year in Focus
Unforeseen issues will always arise, but booking maintenance ahead of time makes life simpler. Your crew can plan projects around your pre-existing chipping schedule — and factor those maintenance costs into the budget here and now. That leaves you free to attend to the other aspects of your work, while the pros focus on keeping your fleet up and running.

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