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  • Why Does a Cement Truck’s Drum Mixer Rotate During Travel?

Why a cement truck's drum mixer rotates For concrete professionals, those of us who use the drum mixer as a regular tool, the question "Why does a cement truck's drum mixer rotate during travel?" is a no-brainer. But what about the clients we serve? For people who don’t work in our industry, our tasks and equipment are something of a mystery. As the saying goes, however, knowledge is power. The better informed our clients are when it comes to the ways we serve them, the smoother the relationship.

Take a moment to consider the smaller aspects of what we do. If you were an outsider looking in, what would you have questions about? You might wonder how people get into the drum mixer to clean it, or what happens when you’re done with a job, but have leftover product. You might even wonder why those drums rotate when they’re on the road.

(The simple answer to that last one, by the way, is to keep the concrete mixture from separating and settling. You want to help ensure the concrete is properly mixed and ready to pour once the crew reaches the job site.)

Think through the “easy” questions (like, yes, "Why does my cement truck's drum mixer rotate during travel?") and have answers prepared. It doesn’t take much time and effort on your end, and your client will appreciate you taking a moment to teach them about the service they’re paying for.

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