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  • Why Are Dried Lumps Appearing in My Poured Concrete?

General Chipping answers the question: Why are dried lumps appearing in my poured concrete?A smooth blend is key to clean, professional-looking poured concrete jobs. When dried lumps resembling stones enter the mix, it can spell trouble not only for your crew, but for your customer relationships, too. Luckily, this problem is an easy one to solve.

The dried concrete appearing during your pours likely indicates a drum that needs cleaning. At General Chipping, we encourage our clients to schedule maintenance every three months in order to avoid this exact problem. You see, every time you perform a job, some amount of concrete dries and builds up within your truck or central mixer’s drum. As the days, weeks and months progress, that buildup increases, dries and oftentimes chips, wreaking havoc on your finished product.

Your problem is likely causing your crew headaches now, but our team can help. Visit our Contact page now to book a chipping. Prefer to talk it through instead? We can do that, too! Give us a call at 866.343.8295 and let’s see how we can help you.

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