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Know the Lingo: What is Central Mixed Concrete?

From “slurries” to “batch plants” and “central mixed concrete,” the world of concrete construction has a language all its own. And, while that’s fine for those of us who work in the business, such terms can become confusing to customers. A simple explanation of the phrases and materials in use can go a long way toward healthy client relationships — and can even help your company earn repeat business.

At General Chipping, we encourage you to think through some of the building materials and practices your company uses regularly, and be prepared to explain them to your clients. Take central mixed concrete, for instance.

General Chipping's concrete blog answers the question: what is central mixed concrete?

Although the finished product is virtually identical to other forms of the building material, central mixed concrete receives its name from the way in which it is produced. This product gets its start at the concrete plant where its various components (water, cement and aggregate such as sand) are loaded into a stationary mixer. That mixer blends it well right there, on-site. Once properly combined, that concrete is transferred into the ready mix concrete truck that will then transport it to the jobsite. Of course, that truck’s drum mixer will rotate during travel to keep the mixture from settling — and to stop the concrete’s various ingredients from separating.

The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) notes that approximately 20% of concrete plants nationwide go the central mixed concrete route. The trade organization also lists several advantages of this production method, including:

  • Quicker production when compared to transit mixed (or truck mixed) concrete
  • Improved consistency and quality control
  • Less wear and tear on the ready mix concrete truck’s drum

We hope this overview helps you pull central mixed concrete into focus, and that it might help foster improved communication with clients down the road. The General Chipping team will work to touch on other concrete production methods in the coming weeks and months, but if there’s a specific topic you’d like us to discuss — or if you’d like to learn more about our central mixer cleaning servicesfeel free to contact us. We’re here to help!