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  • Hurricane Season: Are Your Construction Sites Prepared?

Hurricane Season kicked off on June 1, and many forecasters predict heavy activity ahead. Put simply, for those who live and work in areas vulnerable to hurricanes, it’s time to prepare for whatever lies ahead.

What exactly does that entail? Among other things, it means getting the family on board with a hurricane plan, stocking up on necessary food, water and storm essentials and, for construction business owners and managers, readying job sites, as well. But how exactly do you prepare construction sites when Mother Nature can be so unpredictable? A bit of planning can make all the difference. Read on to learn more!

Outline a Hurricane Plan for Your Construction Crew
Just as you take measures to ensure your family is prepared for storm season, you should do the same for your team members. Determine who could leave in the event of an evacuation order, and who should remain in town. Make sure your team knows the proper communication channels — when to check in and who to check in with. (Remember, for active job sites, someone should keep your clients clued in, too!) Make sure you have proper PPE on hand, along with water, batteries and other team member necessities. If power outages and similar situations mean you might have to operate out of remote offices for a length of time, have the tools in place to make that possible.

Assess Your Equipment and Job Sites
No two job sites are exactly alike, and neither are their risks during adverse weather. Building materials and heavy equipment can cause real damage if swept up by heavy winds, for instance, while structures undergoing electrical work present shock risks all their own. Of course, rising water also has the potential to damage — if not destroy — company vehicles, cranes, equipment and more. Walk through your job sites with crew members, document any potential troubles and take measures to mitigate potential problems. While you’re at it, give your equipment inventory the once-over and make sure it’s documented. Should a storm arrive and cause damage, you’ll be glad to have that information available.

Keep an Eye on the Sky — and Act Accordingly
The silver lining surrounding hurricane season is that you typically have advanced notice before a storm makes its appearance. Pay attention to weather forecasts, and be prepared to put your hurricane plan to work if the need arises. Stock up on any last-minute needs (such as a battery-powered radio to keep tabs on the storm) and remember to breathe. Panicking won’t help matters.

We hope these tips help your crew feel better prepared for hurricane season — but we also hope you won’t have to put this information to use. Here’s to a safe season!


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