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You’ve heard it before, but we believe it bears repeating — cement silo cleaning is important. Not only does regular maintenance keep your cement storage silo from experiencing slowdowns clogs that can throw off your schedule, but it can improve job site safety, too. Here are a few things to consider with cement silo cleaning.

Cement Silo Cleaning Should be Left to the Pros
Although cement storage silo maintenance might seem simple enough, it carries its share of risks. Crew members who attempt to clear clogs from beneath a silo, using broom handles or similar tools, risk injury or death due to falling debris. Additionally, an untrained team member approaching the work from the top of a cement storage silo faces fall hazards — either toppling into the silo, where he or she could become buried, or down to the ground. At General Chipping, our silo cleaning experts are trained to tackle their work with proper PPE, and in the safest manner possible.

Cement silo cleaning helps keep operations running smoothly.

We Recommend Booking Cement Chipping Well in Advance
Although concrete chipping companies work year-round, certain seasons are busier than others. When it comes to cement silo cleaning, for instance, our schedule remains pretty packed from February through May. Appointments are available, but scheduling may take a bit longer than in the “off” season. To sidestep delays, consider booking an entire year’s worth of maintenance out at once — ideally at times that coincide with your concrete chipping appointments. By inviting our crew out three or four times per year to evaluate and maintain your cement storage silos, you’ll avoid headache-inducing clogs.

Have a Plan in Place if Trouble Arises
Sometimes issues arise even for companies that follow maintenance schedules to the T. Humid outdoor conditions lead to clumping and clogging, for instance, while certain cement blends are also more prone to trouble. Some companies, like General Chipping, provide emergency assistance to help you get back to work quickly. Have a website or phone number on hand, in case you need to get in touch.

We know the daily grind keeps your crew busy, but we hope this run-down helped. We’re here to help keep your crew ready to roll with cement silo cleaning, concrete chipping and more and more.

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