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  • What Updates Will General Chipping Introduce in the New Year?

General Chipping lays out company goals for the new year.At General Chipping, our company is always searching for ways to improve our service, update our practices and provide a better overall experience to the customers who depend on our work. As we take the first exciting steps into 2018, there are a few things we look forward to implementing in order to make this new year our best one yet.

An expanded fleet
We are proud to announce that we have added to the already healthy number of company vehicles you can find in the General Chipping parking lot - and on the road headed to jobsites. The new additions allow us to provide service to more companies than ever before. Not only that, but the added flexibility means we can schedule out and tackle concrete chipping jobs more quickly than in the past.

An increased focus on education
Our company firmly believes that the more informed our clients, colleagues and neighbors are as a whole, the better. Added insight into what we do - and why we do it - improves business relationships and leads to stronger future practices. Although we already strive to keep our friends in the loop via social media updates and blog posts such as this one, we are going to work even harder at it in the coming year. Be on the lookout for information regarding concrete, the concrete chipping process and especially the safety considerations our team members put into place to protect those around them.

An impact on our community
General Chipping has proudly called the Houston area home since our company got its start. The community has been good to us and our team members, and giving back just seems like the neighborly thing to do. We are actively seeking out ways to make a positive difference, be it through volunteer work, financial contributions or sponsorship opportunities. Ideally, these opportunities will be ones that align with our goal of educating the public. While we unfortunately can't promise to give to each and every cause, we look forward to making an impact.

Our team hopes you're as excited about the coming year as we are! Happy New Year from General Chipping!

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