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  • Cement Silo Safety: Let Silo Cleaning Companies Service Your Equipment

At General Chipping, the first rule of cement silo safety is to leave the maintenance work to silo cleaning companies. You see, although maintaining your cement storage silos might seem as simple as removing the occasional clog, doing so can prove dangerous — and even fatal — when carried out incorrectly. Professional silo cleaning companies have the personal protective equipment (PPE), knowledge and experience it takes to keep your equipment operating safely and efficiently. Here are a few things to know when it comes to how silo cleaning companies maintain your equipment.

Take it from the Top
Trained silo cleaning companies know it is never safe to attempt to clear a clog — be it partial or complete — by prodding it from below. Coming at the material in such a way can lead loosened material to fall quickly and abruptly, burying the person (or persons) beneath the silo. Instead, these concrete professionals don hard hats, fall protection and other PPE, and approach the problem from above. When carried out correctly, any clogs will be cleared in such a way that the hardened cement falls out through the bottom, while the healthy, unused material remains safely inside.

General Chipping covers the importance of allowing silo cleaning companies to maintain your cement storage silo.Always Remain Alert
Cleaning work can be incredibly dangerous, even when it seems the proper precautions have been taken. Team members who approach silo cleaning duties from above are still at risk of deadly falls or even asphyxiation, for instance, should they find themselves pulled into the dry cement. Professional silo cleaning companies operate under a team mindset, ensuring that workers are not only keeping a keen eye on the tasks they’re carrying out, but on those around them, too. Drawing on this idea, another aspect of cement silo safety is to never carry out a job alone.

Consistency is Key
As all silo cleaning companies will tell you, regular maintenance can make all the difference. Having a professional crew evaluate and service your cement storage silos every three months or so will ensure the material you rely on is always flowing smoothly. Ideally, these regular visits will mean less hardened cement inside your silos — and will result in quicker cleanings that might even cost less.

If you take anything away from this post, it should be that cement silo safety is all about leaving the cleaning to the pros. If you have questions on this subject (or even on concrete chipping or central mixer cleaning) please feel free to reach out to the General Chipping team. We would love to speak with you. Play it safe out there!

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