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  • The Results Are In: General Chipping State of the Industry Survey

In an effort to gauge the current construction and concrete market — and to see what businesses expect for the months ahead — General Chipping asked companies like yours to take part in a brief State of the Industry Survey. We are excited to announce that our friends, colleagues and clients really came through.

We appreciate all those who took the time to share their experiences and educate others in their field. After all, we believe we’re all in this together, and everyone can benefit from a bit of added insight. As promised, we’ve compiled our key findings here. Read on to learn more about what others in the concrete and construction industries are experiencing.

  • General Chipping overview: State of the concrete industry.No extreme dips or jumps in activity were reported. The majority of respondents (67%) noted that project loads remain about on par with what they experienced at this same time in 2017. Meanwhile, 22% saw a slight increase in work and 11% saw a slight decrease. Those findings matched what the companies anticipated for 2018 business activity.
  • It appears that, once a job is on the calendar, it stays there. While 67% of respondents noted few, if any, clients cancelled jobs on them, the remaining 33% stood neutral on the topic, not noting any significant upticks or decreases in cancellations.
  • Companies continue taking care of their equipment. Of those who answered the survey, 89% indicated they either had not postponed or canceled maintenance work such as concrete chipping — or that a decision to postpone or cancel was rare. The remaining 11% indicated that they have postponed or canceled jobs on occasion.
  • It seems people feel fairly certain the market will remain steady. While 67% of people remained neutral in their response about whether the market will improve in 2019, 22% indicated the market might see some improvement. The remaining 11% indicated the potential for a slight decrease.

How do these findings compare to what your company has experienced? We would love to hear your take on current conditions. Feel free to reach out through any method of communication on our Contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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