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  • Regular Maintenance Keeps Your Cement Silo Running Smoothly

Your crew puts tremendous care into the upkeep of your redi mix trucks, drums and mixers, but what about your cement silo? Humid outdoor conditions — rain, snow and even ice — can lead to clumping and clogs within your cement storage silos, putting the brakes on your production. The General Chipping team can help.

Make life simpler and schedule silo cleaning at the same time you book your concrete chipping services. (We recommend cleanings about every three months.) Our team of concrete chippers will enter your silos with handheld jackhammers, chisels and trusted training to clear away any unwanted hardened concrete.

Looking to learn more about how regular maintenance can keep your cement silo healthy? Check out these posts from our concrete blog:

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You’ve heard it before, but we believe it bears repeating — cement silo cleaning is important. Not only does regular maintenance keep your cement storage silo from experiencing slowdowns clogs that can throw off your schedule, but it can improve jobsite safety, too. Read More>>

Why is My Cement Storage Silo Experiencing Clogs?
Have you noticed recent inconsistencies in the way your cement storage silo is performing? Slower-than-usual release of the product, perhaps? Complete obstructions? If so, rest assured you aren’t alone. As average temperatures increase the world over, humidity increases, too. Read More>>

How Often Should I Schedule Cleanings for My Cement Silos?
If you’ve ever done work with General Chipping, or if you’ve spent any time reading our website, chances are you know we recommend having your cement mixing drums and central mixers chipped every three months. But what about your cement silos? Read More>>

General Chipping is always here to keep your operations ready to roll. For more information about our cement silo cleaning services (or our other services, which include truck chipping and central mixer cleaning) feel free to contact our team.

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