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  • National Safety Month: Keying in on Worker Safety

Tips for worker safety during National Safety MonthGeneral Chipping encourages safe practices year-round. Even so, when the opportunity arises to place special emphasis on protecting the people you work with, we are excited to take it. June is National Safety Month, and our team has pulled together some important information crews can use to play it safe on the jobsite.

Get back to basics.
Work crews have a tendency to get so caught up in their daily projects that simple safety precautions such as lockout/tagout procedures or proper PPE fall by the wayside. Weekly toolbox talks can help. Gather the team for a brief meeting focused on a specific topic, such as vehicle safety, fall prevention and hot weather considerations. Those seemingly simple reminders could save lives.

Touch base with team members.
You work hard to stay in the know when it comes to issues or concerns, but you can’t be everywhere at once. Establish an environment where team members feel comfortable approaching you when they witness unsafe practices on the job. Take things a step further by creating a way they can anonymously report such behavior, should they feel more comfortable going that route.

Keep current.
From ensuring crew members’ certifications are in order and up to date to maintaining a watchful eye on regulations and getting vehicles and equipment serviced on schedule, it pays to be on top of things. Sign up to receive emails from associations your company is part of, companies you do business with and other trusted sources. (You can join our mailing list by clicking the link at the bottom of this page!)

Looking for more helpful information? Our Safety page is a great place to start. The General Chipping blog also offers great safety tips, as well as insights into our industry. Of course, you can always get in touch directly through our Contact page. Remember to play it safe out there!

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