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  • Don’t Let Hardened Concrete Haunt Your Job Sites

Halloween is all about things that go bump in the night, but when those bumps are hardened concrete bits knocking around your cement mixing drums, storage silos and central mixers, it spells trouble. (And not just for your company’s equipment, but its productivity — and bottom line as a whole.) Here, General Chipping offers tips on places concrete issues lurk, and ways you can avoid them.

Moisture creeps in unseen.
Humid outdoor conditions often hit cement storage silos with clumping, slowed pours and, under extreme circumstances, complete obstructions. Regular maintenance can help. Consider asking professionals to carry out cement silo cleaning services at the same time they’re chipping your drums.

Buildup stops you dead in your tracks.
Each job — even those that appear to use every last bit of concrete — leaves remnants along the walls of your cement mixing drums. Left unchecked, that buildup accumulates, slowing your drum’s rotation, lowering the amount of material it can hold and grinding work to a halt. Schedule out chippings every three months to ensure your vehicles stay working their best.

Slowdowns haunt future business efforts.
Your team has a strict schedule to uphold. When inconsistent concrete blends, clogs and other issues enter the mix, it throws your crew off track and damages important client relationships. Preventative maintenance ahead of time not only keeps your vehicles running well, but ensures your customers remain happy, too.

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