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  • Don’t Let Potential Tariffs on Construction Materials Sidetrack Maintenance Schedules

Between talks of tariffs on construction materials, the uncertainty of an upcoming election year and other everyday considerations, many crews are taking a conservative approach to budgeting for 2020. At General Chipping, our team is all for saving and spending money wisely. Even so, there are certain things a company should never pull back on. Chief among those? Preventative maintenance.

Preventative maintenance is one of those things that can feel unnecessary when a company is attempting to save money. (After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?) The truth is, however, avoiding those regular checkups can lead to expensive long-term repercussions. Here are just a few reasons it’s important to keep those preventative maintenance appointments moving forward.

General Chipping encourages companies to avoid letting potential tariffs on construction materials throw off maintenance plans.

Less Likelihood of Hefty Repair Costs
Oil changes, concrete chipping appointments and similar preventative maintenance will require money, but those costs are much lower than what you would pay for replacements or repairs.
TIP: If your team is concerned about costs, consider speaking with the company that carries out your maintenance work. They might know of practices or products that could lengthen the amount of time between required appointments, such as high-mileage oil or chemical cement mixer drum cleaner

No Lags in Business
Even worse than costly repair work is the inability to see a client’s project through. When an equipment breakdown rears its ugly head, it grinds work to a halt, throwing off your work schedule, damaging client relationships and, in some instances, irreparably impacting your company’s reputation.
TIP: Worried about making time for truck chipping, oil changes and similar maintenance? Many companies will work with your schedule, carrying out such work in overnight shifts so your fleet will be good to go as soon as you open for business the next day. Just ask!

Advance Warning of Potential Problems
Surprises on the jobsite are rarely welcome. When your vehicles and equipment are being regularly serviced by professionals in your field, they’ll be able to spot warning signs before they become full-fledged problems.
TIP: Make note of any potential issues you notice between maintenance appointments. Funny noises, stalls and the like could be signs that trouble is coming. You’ll want to mention that to your preventative maintenance team during your next appointment.

All this is to say, don’t let talk about tariffs on construction materials — or any uncertainties about the future — keep you from treating your vehicles and equipment right. You need them to remain working their best so you can continue providing quality service to your clients. Feel free to contact the General Chipping team if you have further questions. We’re always glad to help!

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