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  • Safe Practices Save Lives Around Your Ready Mix Concrete Truck

Your company’s ready mix concrete truck (or redi mix concrete truck, depending on your preferred spelling) helps get your crew where it needs to be. It allows you to get the job done, keep clients happy — and keep new business rolling in. Even so, that same concrete truck can introduce safety risks into the mix.

Even the most safety-minded crews can find themselves so caught up in their work that simple precautions fall by the wayside, resulting in injuries or even death. A quick search on the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) website turns up accounts of workers killed after being run over by concrete trucks, experiencing amputations while reaching into concrete mixers and facing other critical injuries which alter their lives forever. The truth is, most — if not all — of such accidents could be avoided if crews pause long enough to consider proper safety procedures. Here are a few ways to encourage concrete truck safety among your crew members.

Incorporate Concrete Truck Safety into Toolbox Talks
Toolbox talks are quick-hitting meetings concrete and construction crews carry out to keep team members on the same page and working together safely. These meet-ups provide a perfect platform to discuss potential dangers team members face. While your toolbox talks should cover a wide range of topics, consider incorporating information about concrete truck safety every two or three meetings. One week you might discuss road safety, for instance, while another week you might touch on the importance of ensuring equipment (such as concrete mixers) has been shut off before reaching inside to adjust or clean various elements.

Encourage Crew Members to Keep Their Eyes Open
Construction sites are busy places, with each worker focused on his or her individual task. By asking people to be aware not only of their surroundings, but also about how their coworkers are doing their jobs, you’ll create a safer overall environment. Ask team members to find a considerate way to call attention to unsafe behavior, and to report it to a supervisor if necessary. By that same note, recognize team members who regularly carry out safe work on the job site.

Stay on Top of Current Events
Real-life examples of what can happen on the job site are sometimes the best way to hit a lesson home. If a concrete truck rollover, concrete spill or construction injury makes the news, bring it to the team’s attention. Then, take things a step further by quickly discussing how the problem could have been avoided. The more often you bring such issues to the team’s attention, the more likely they are to adjust their actions accordingly.

Job site safety is crucial to the world of concrete and construction work, and concrete trucks are just the beginning. Visit our Safety page to learn how the General Chipping team uses regular training to keep our team working together safely. Our concrete blog is also filled with great information your team can use day in and day out.

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