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  • COVID-19: Construction Companies and Others Help with PPE

As nations the world over continue working through the uncertainty of COVID-19, personal protective equipment (PPE) is more important than ever. Under these circumstances, however, PPE doesn’t relate to the hard hats, eye protection, work gloves and steel toe boots our concrete blog typically covers. It’s the protective items healthcare professionals need to perform their work safely.

Construction companies and other industries step up with PPE during COVID-19

Medical PPE has been in short supply, with consumers looking to protect themselves against the COVID-19 coronavirus snapping up face masks, gloves and the like. As medical facilities’ need for these important tools grows, however, many have turned to unlikely sources: Construction companies.

In recent weeks, construction companies everywhere have heeded the call to assist those working to keep people healthy. Arizona firm Willmeng Construction donated N95 masks to an area pediatrician’s office, for instance, while Pennsylvania’s Kuharchik Construction donated masks and respirators for use within their county. Construction companies all over Ohio have also dug into their reserves to provide PPE to medical workers who need it.

An industry so used to rolling up its sleeves to tackle construction work is now rolling up its sleeves to make a difference during COVID-19. Of course, the willingness to give back spans far beyond the construction industry.

Schools in Pennsylvania came together to donate goggles and other equipment typically used in science labs. Social media giant Facebook donated 720,000 face masks purchased to protect employees in the event of wildfires. Amateur woodworkers are donating masks after considering they might be of better use in medical settings than in garages. Kitsbow, a company which specializes in cycling apparel, has turned its focus to producing face shields and masks.

Countless volunteers have even come together to sew reusable face masks for those in need.

It is heartening to see so many people working together to ease the strain on medical facilities. General Chipping has long held that safety — and PPE — should remain a top priority on the job. That stands true not only in construction and concrete work, but for those helping to protect us against COVID-19.

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