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  • What Goes into Chipping Concrete?

General Chipping covers what goes into chipping concrete from drums and mixers.Even if you’ve hired General Chipping to service your company’s drums or cement storage silos, there’s a good chance you still have questions about what it is we do. We firmly believe that an educated client base benefits everyone and helps ensure a positive working relationship moving forward. Here, we’ll lay out the ins and outs of chipping concrete. Here’s how it works:

When possible, our crew physically enters the space at hand, be it a mixing drum, storage silo or the like. It might make for tight quarters, but getting up close and personal allows us to ensure we do a thorough job. Armed with eye protection, hard hats, gloves and other protective equipment, we use handheld jackhammers to manually chip away dried concrete. Every step of the way, we take special care to protect your trucks and other equipment. Once the job is complete — or once we’ve accumulated a sizable amount of chipped concrete — we brush the debris outside, into piles that are later hauled off for waste disposal.

Concrete chipping isn’t glamorous work. In fact, Mike Rowe once described it as the toughest job he ever tackled on “Dirty Jobs.” Still, it is rewarding. Our crew takes pride in stepping in, getting our hands dirty and ensuring our clients’ trucks and equipment are in fine working order.

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