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  • Spotlight: Concrete Engineering for Civil Construction Work

At General Chipping, we believe all aspects of concrete work are important — from concrete engineering, to finishing, recycling and, of course, the concrete chipping work our crew carries out. Today, we wanted to shed some light on concrete engineering and the role it plays in successful construction projects. Read on to learn all about this specialty, traditionally carried out by civil engineers.

A key element to any engineering role is design. Civil engineers who work in concrete often contribute to the design and layout of our roadways, water and sewer systems, and transportation networks such as railways. By collaborating with other engineers to calculate the most effective and efficient infrastructure before something is built, they create a safe finished product — and also help ensure the best possible design makes its way into the finished product.

Concrete engineering pros take a hands-on approach to the construction projects they’re involved in. When an engineer is working on an active construction job, he or she is available to review phases of the project as they are being built. They often review management of change (MOC) orders that differ from the original plans, not just for quality control, but also to ensure the changes work within the intended design parameters.

The ability to think quickly and make recommendations or repairs when unforeseen issues arise plays a vital role for civil engineers who work with concrete. It is imperative that they understand the type of concrete being used, as well as its strength, to ensure the completed product can provide adequate support and operate as intended. Any error or deviation from the proper material, curing time or design must be taken into account and properly addressed to avoid potential trouble down the road.

It’s clear that concrete engineering is an important job that plays a big part in most construction projects. But, just as important as proper concrete engineering is the maintenance of the equipment that mixes the material. Schedule regular cleanings for your ready mix truck drums and central mixers to prevent buildup of dried material. Such maintenance minimizes costly breakdowns and keeps your crew moving, helping you stay on schedule. If you have questions about the above information, or on the overall maintenance of the mixers you rely on, please feel free to contact us! Our crew is always happy to help.

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