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How Does Ready Mix Concrete Chipping Benefit Your Equipment?

The best way we’ve found to explain the work is by analogy. Think of the drum on your ready mix truck as a water bottle. Even when you work to get every drop out of that bottle, a few drops will always remain, easy to spot inside bottle’s nooks and crannies, or along its walls. The same is true for your mixing drums. Every time your company pours ready mix concrete, New York — even when plan for the perfect amount to pour — some of that concrete will remain. That lingering concrete accumulates along your drum’s walls and, with time, adds weight and introduces trouble to the mix. Not only can it slow — stop — your drums’ spins, bringing crew productivity down with it, but it can negatively impact your concrete blends, too. Experts recommend booking concrete chipping every three months, to keep that residue at bay — and keep your drums healthy.

What Does Concrete Chipping Work Entail?

Most concrete chipping companies actually offer three types of services, all aimed at keeping your equipment working its best — and keeping your concrete jobs moving along without a hitch. Those offerings? Chipping concrete from your ready mix truck drums, concrete chipping for central mixers and cement storage silo cleaning. Here’s a bit about each of the services:

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Concrete Chipping

Using handheld jackhammers, crews physically enter your ready-mix truck drums to remove hardened material that has dried along the walls. This improves your carrying capacity and helps ward off mechanical issues which can lead to costly slowdowns, repairs and replacements.

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Central Mixer Cleaning

Similar to concrete chipping services, central mixer cleaning involves crew members reaching inside your team’s mixer to remove hardened material from drum walls. This results in a healthier mixer capable of holding more material than before.

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Silo Cleaning

Members of your chosen company’s silo cleaning crew are lowered down into your cement storage silos. Once inside, they remove clumps and clogs that slow the release of your cement — and can hold up your projects. Those clogs are ushered out the bottom of the silo.
NOTE: In New York, cement silo cleaning is especially important during humid seasons, as such conditions lead to clumps and clogs.  

How Do You Choose the Right Concrete Chipping Company?

As is the same with any specialty, every concrete chipping company works in slightly different ways. The best thing you can do is to find a company you feel comfortable trusting with your fleet and equipment. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • Find a Concrete Chipping Company That’s Flexible: Is your concrete plant near a residential area? Are you limited as to when your crew can pause work long enough for chipping? Do noise ordinances impact when maintenance appointments can take place? Whatever the case, you’ll want to make sure your concrete chipping company is willing to make it work. At General Chipping, for instance, although most of our appointments take place during 12-hour overnight shifts, we offer off-hours work, as well. Our crew is glad to work around clients’ schedules. After all, our goal is to help.
  • Find a Concrete Chipping Company Company with a Proven Track Record: Word of mouth really is the best advertising. (That is, if the company offers a quality experience.) Take time to talk with others in your field about the concrete chipping crews they’ve worked with in the past. What was the experience like? Who did they have issues with? What would they do differently? Don’t forget to take a moment to review online reviews. A quick and simple search can reveal a lot about the company you’re considering.
  • Find a Concrete Chipping Company That’s Licensed: You might be surprised at the number of people who advertise concrete chipping services — but aren’t certified to do the work. Ask for proof of your chosen crew’s licenses and insurance information — and ask what, if any, continuing education the company requires its team members to complete. Why are such considerations important? If an unlicensed company were to damage your equipment during the chipping process, your company could be left to pay costly bills for repairs and replacement.

How Often Should You Book Concrete Chipping Services in New York?

Exact timelines will differ, depending on issues such as your unique concrete blends, the redi mix trucks that make up your fleet and even how much concrete you pour. Regardless, experts recommend you book concrete chipping services every three months. While you’re at it, consider scheduling cement storage silo cleaning at the same time to keep everything in working order.

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