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  • 15 Years of Concrete Chipping: in Texas and Beyond

Since 2007, hardworking crews at General Chipping have proudly rolled up their sleeves to dig in on concrete chipping in Texas — and throughout the U.S. Of course, every company has a story, and ours is no exception. As we embark on our milestone 15th year, we wanted to take a moment to delve into where it all began, and what drives the work we carry out each day. Read on and learn a bit about our history.


In the Beginning: There Was a Man on a Mission
The concrete chipping company you know and trust today got its start with Alejandro M. A business-minded guy who took pride in a hard day’s work, Alejandro was well-versed in chipping concrete. He’d honed his craft for years and, by 2007, decided it was time to set out on his own. Armed with two dedicated employees, a truck and maybe a little luck, too, he was on a mission to provide the service concrete and construction crews needed to continue safely and successfully forward. General Chipping was officially in business, operating out of Alejandro’s home in Houston.


Expanding a Footprint to Provide Nationwide Concrete Chipping Work
As with any up-and-coming endeavor, General Chipping started small. The home-based business provided concrete chipping in Texas and any other areas where crew members had contacts. That three-member team worked long days, piling into the truck and traveling to wherever the work took them, chipping out dried material during customers’ off hours. It didn’t take long for their reputation to catch on — and for business to start rolling in. General Chipping found itself servicing companies in more and more states, and adding crew members to keep up. By this point, simple garage space simply wasn’t enough. We moved into an official company building that could better accommodate the vehicles, equipment and people needed to move forward.


Continuing the Tradition by Keeping What’s Important in Mind
As time progressed, General Chipping continued growing and traveling the country to provide concrete chipping, silo cleaning and central mixer cleaning services. Three guiding values led us as our crews forged ahead: a dedication to safe practices, a desire to be the best in the business — and the drive to create a family atmosphere. In 2016, General Chipping welcomed Oscar Zamarron on as safety consultant. Under Oscar’s keen eye, our crew members took part in OSHA safety training aimed at not only protecting customers’ valuable equipment, but keeping our crew members protected on the job. Just as important as those safety concerns was the desire to provide honest, efficient service our customers could trust. We remained dedicated to maintaining the proper licenses and coverage, and to providing continuing education opportunities for our team. Of course, General Chipping is first and foremost a family business, and we’ve always wanted our team to feel welcome. Through holiday parties, employee recognition and the like, we have always taken pride in getting to know the great people we employ, and worked hard to make their experience a rewarding one.  


Today, General Chipping is a bit bigger than it once was. Even so, we still hold true to the values that gave us our initial start. Alejandro remains at the helm, now joined by his wife and children, and we are proud to remain a family-owned business. We are grateful to all of the team members, customers and colleagues who have helped us reach this company milestone, and we look forward to many more years to come. Thank you to everyone who’s stood by us for the past 15 years as we’ve worked to keep customers’ businesses ready to roll.

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