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  • Truck Maintenance Matters: Chipping Out Concrete

Chipping out concrete from your ready mix concrete trucks’ drums might seem like strenuous, labor-intensive work — and it is. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. At General Chipping, we encourage our friends and customers to incorporate chippings into their regular vehicle maintenance plans. Doing so shows basic respect for the vehicles upon which your team members rely — and makes sense when you think about it. Consider the numbers.*

Chipping out concrete is a key element of maintenance for your cement mixing drums.3: Basic Lifespan (in Months) for Your Truck’s Tires
2: Tune-Ups per Year to Keep Your Truck Prepared for Extreme Weather
1: Oil Change per Month for Your Ready Mix Concrete Truck

Choose to ignore any one of these tasks, and you’re inviting a world of trouble for your construction company, whether due to slowdowns that throw you off schedule and anger customers, or complete breakdowns that leave your crew unable to work at all. The same is true for concrete chipping.

When you allow concrete to dry along the walls of your cement mixing trucks’ drums, you not only lower the amount of volume your trucks can hold, but you increase the trucks’ overall weight. This can lead to a range of obstacles, such as added stress on those expensive tires, to mechanical malfunctions that put you out tens of thousands of dollars — if not more.

The good news is, concrete chipping doesn’t have to eat too much into your timetable or budget. While overall costs vary job to job, the national average for chipping concrete is 9 cents per pound. Because most concrete chipping companies are willing to book appointments on your schedules, chances are the work can be completed in between your crew’s shifts. At General Chipping, for instance, we carry out many of our appointments during 12-hour overnight stints. We take over once your crew is done for the day, and your trucks are ready and waiting once team members arrive the next day.

As we mentioned before, chipping concrete isn’t easy work. The good news is, you don’t have to do it yourself. Contact our team today to learn more about the process, costs and how our concrete chipping services can benefit your fleet. After all, your trucks deserve the respect.

*Numbers presented are an average. Specific statistics vary based on company and truck manufacturer.

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