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Why Redi Mix Drum Chipping is a Big Deal

Have you ever considered the stress your fleet and mixers experience with each concrete pour? Not only are they loaded down with aggregate, cement and the other ingredients that comprise concrete, but then they’re charged with mixing and, in many instances, expelling the blend. Even after the work is complete, a certain amount of residue stays behind. (In fact, we liken your ready mix truck drum to a water bottle on its side. No matter how hard you try to get every last drop of water out, some will inevitably remain.) And although that remaining material doesn’t make much of a difference at first, with time it can load down your drums and mixers with excess weight, throw off their balance, lead to costly repairs and replacements — and even result in subpar concrete blends. Concrete chipping services help you stop buildup in its tracks, spot potential mechanical issues before they become full-fledged problems and reward your drums and mixers for a job well done. On average, we recommend scheduling concrete chipping appointments quarterly.

Ins and Outs: What Goes into Chipping Concrete

Fun Fact: Although truck drum chipping is an essential aspect of this ongoing maintenance, it’s just part of the puzzle. A typical concrete chipping appointment will factor in three separate — yet related — services: redi mix drum chipping, central mixer cleaning and cement silo cleaning. After all, the goal is to ensure that every aspect of your company’s work is ready for the jobs that lie ahead. Here’s a breakdown of those three individual offerings:

Layer 2

Concrete Chipping

Using handheld jackhammers, crews physically enter your ready-mix truck drums to remove hardened material that has dried along the walls. This improves your carrying capacity and helps ward off mechanical issues which can lead to costly slowdowns, repairs and replacements.

Layer 3

Central Mixer Cleaning

Similar to concrete chipping services, central mixer cleaning involves crew members reaching inside your team’s mixer to remove hardened material from drum walls. This results in a healthier mixer capable of holding more material than before.

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Silo Cleaning

Members of your chosen company’s silo cleaning crew are lowered down into your cement storage silos. Once inside, they remove clumps and clogs that slow the release of your cement — and can hold up your projects. Those clogs are ushered out the bottom of the silo. 
PLEASE NOTE: Rainfall and related moisture often leads to clumps and clogs inside your cement storage silos. Regular silo cleaning is especially important in areas such as the Great Lakes states, where heightened humidity is common.

How to Spot a Quality Ohio Concrete Chipping Crew

Just like no other concrete or construction crew carries out its work the same way yours does, no two concrete chipping companies operate in quite the same way. You should seek out a company you feel you can trust with your valuable ready-mix trucks and equipment, one that knows what it’s doing — and one you enjoy working with, too. Here are some guidelines to help get you started:

  • Work with Concrete Chippers Who Have a Solid Reputation: In today’s world of online reviews and platforms that allow every consumer to have their say, word of mouth truly matters. We encourage people to consult with friends and colleagues regarding their past concrete chipping experiences. (Why? Because one person’s experience is often — albeit not always — pretty representative of the way a company usually works.) Who have they done business with in the past? How was their work? Would they go with them again? If you’re still on the fence about a company, consider checking out their Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating, looking at online reviews and maybe even requesting references.
  • Hire Concrete Chippers Who Will Work with Your Schedule: A little flexibility can go a long way in a working relationship. If there are special considerations your concrete chipping company will need to work around — say, your plant is near a residential neighborhood with noise ordinances, for instance, or you have a particular mixer that gives you trouble — be sure to mention that from the start. Then, ask if (and how) they plan to address such concerns. Most companies are adept at thinking on their feet. As such, they’ll likely be willing to work outside traditional concrete chipping hours or make other concessions. Regardless, it’s best to consult them first.
  • Make Sure Your Concrete Chippers Are Certified: It might stand to reason that every concrete chipping company out there is licensed to carry out such work, but that simply isn’t the case. There are all sorts of companies and individuals who offer under-the-table concrete chipping services without undergoing proper training. And when those crews cause damage to your mixers and silos — or experience injuries on your property — it can result in hefty payouts on your end. We suggest asking for proof of licenses and certifications before signing on with a concrete chipping company, and even asking about their ongoing education requirements.

How Often Should You Schedule Ohio Concrete Chipping Work?

There are all sorts of factors that will affect your company’s maintenance timeframe, from the concrete blends you’re pouring, to your chosen brand of ready mix trucks and mixers. Generally, however, you should book concrete chipping (along with cement silo cleaning and central mixer cleaning) services every three months.

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