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General Chipping provides trusted, on-time service all across Mississippi — from Natchez to Tupelo, and everywhere in between. Concrete chipping in Mississippi is a vital maintenance process for industrial and construction projects, particularly in the state’s humid subtropical climate where concrete drums and silos can easily build up material over time. Concrete chipping is essential for ensuring the longevity and safety of your equipment. General Chipping ensures quality chipping service while adhering to stringent safety regulations to mitigate the risk of injuries or damage.

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How Ongoing Maintenance Keeps Mississippi Concrete Work Moving Forward

Concrete chipping of a concrete drum offers significant benefits to ready-mix concrete businesses. Over time, residual concrete can build up inside the drum of a concrete mixer truck, reducing its capacity and efficiency. Regular chipping of this hardened concrete is essential to restore the drum’s full volume, maximizing the load each truck can carry and enhancing overall operational efficiency. Chipping not only prevents costly downtime due to clogged drums but also extends the lifespan of the equipment by preventing excessive wear and tear. Efficient drum maintenance ensures mixers operate at peak performance, reducing fuel consumption and improving turnaround times. General Chipping can help your company maintain clean and efficient equipment to enhance the reliability and quality of the concrete delivery you provide.

Chipping Out Concrete: How Professional Concrete Chippers Go About the Work

Now that we’re past the “why” surrounding mixer drum and silo maintenance, it’s time to look into the “how”. Many people are surprised to learn that a traditional concrete chipping appointment actually consists of three separate services. 

Remember, your concrete chipping company’s job is to look out for your system as a whole. For that reason, they’ll often tackle concrete central mixer cleaning, concrete truck chipping and cement silo cleaning during a single appointment. Here’s a high-level look at what goes into each service. 

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Concrete Chipping

Using handheld jackhammers, crews physically enter your ready-mix truck drums to remove hardened material that has dried along the walls. This improves your carrying capacity and helps ward off mechanical issues which can lead to costly slowdowns, repairs and replacements.

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Central Mixer Cleaning

Similar to concrete chipping services, central mixer cleaning involves crew members reaching inside your team’s mixer to remove hardened material from drum walls. This results in a healthier mixer capable of holding more material than before.

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Silo Cleaning

Members of your chosen company’s silo cleaning crew are lowered down into your cement storage silos. Once inside, they remove clumps and clogs that slow the release of your cement — and can hold up your projects. Those clogs are ushered out the bottom of the silo
NOTE: Cement silo cleaning is extremely important in areas that regularly experience high humidity, such as Maryland, with its bodies of water.

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