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Why Redi Mix Concrete Chipping and Silo Cleaning Work Matters

Long story short, concrete is heavy stuff. (And it can do a number on the mixers that help you carry out your work.) To put things in perspective, we like to think of your concrete truck drum as if it were a water bottle laying on its side. If you drank all you could from that bottle, and even overturned it to pour out the remaining liquid, a few droplets would still remain along the walls. The same thing happens with your mixers. Even when you calculate your pours precisely, getting virtually every last drop of material out, some concrete stays behind. Although those remnants are no cause for concern at the start, as time progresses and that material accumulates, it can lead to real problems. Caked-on concrete along your drum walls can lower your ready mix drum’s carrying capacity, impact your concrete blends and add weight that throws off your drum’s balance and results in costly mechanical breakdowns. Remember, it’s important to pay attention to warning signs that indicate issues might be at play with your drum. When it comes to cement silo cleaning, it’s all about keeping clumps and clogs brought on by humidity in check. By hiring a professional crew to break up and remove hardened material, you help keep cement flowing and concrete projects moving forward both safely and on schedule.

How Crews Go About Chipping Out Concrete

Here’s something you might be surprised to learn: Because the goal of such work is to look after your system as a whole, traditional concrete chipping appointments actually consist of three separate services. The concrete chipping company you hire on will likely arrive at your job site ready to take on cement silo cleaning, concrete truck chipping and concrete central mixer cleaning work. Let’s take a look at what goes into those processes:

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Concrete Chipping

Using handheld jackhammers, crews physically enter your ready-mix truck drums to remove hardened material that has dried along the walls. This improves your carrying capacity and helps ward off mechanical issues which can lead to costly slowdowns, repairs and replacements.

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Central Mixer Cleaning

Similar to concrete chipping services, central mixer cleaning involves crew members reaching inside your team’s mixer to remove hardened material from drum walls. This results in a healthier mixer capable of holding more material than before.

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Silo Cleaning

Members of your chosen company’s silo cleaning crew are lowered down into your cement storage silos. Once inside, they remove clumps and clogs that slow the release of your cement — and can hold up your projects. Those clogs are ushered out the bottom of the silo.

Tips for Finding the Right Massachusetts Concrete Chipping Company

As with any company you do business with, you’ll want to find a Massachusetts concrete chipping crew you can trust to carry out the work safely, efficiently and correctly. Here are some factors to keep in mind when you’re considering prospective companies:

  • Hire Concrete Chippers Who Have Done Their Due Diligence: Adequate training isn’t just a helpful bonus when it comes to chipping concrete — it’s a necessity. (And there are a surprising number of companies out there that advertise concrete chipping services but are neither trained nor licensed to do so.) Hiring on a company that’s not adequately prepared for the work could leave you paying for hefty repairs and replacements — especially if they aren’t insured. Even worse, it could put lives at risk. Concrete drum cleaning and silo cleaning are incredibly dangerous undertakings, and such work should be left to the pros. When interviewing crews, be sure to ask for proof of insurance, and about what sorts of certification and continuing education they require of their team members. At General Chipping, for instance, safety sits front and center. Our crew regularly takes part in safety toolbox talks, OSHA training courses and educational initiatives to ensure we’re tackling our work in the safest, most efficient way possible, and with industry best practices in mind.
  • Hire a Concrete Chipping Company That Will Work with Your Schedule: Because no other business is quite like yours, no other concrete chipping appointment will be, either. You’ll want to find a concrete chipping crew that’s willing to learn your operations’ unique challenges and circumstances, and find ways to factor them into the work. Is there a particular concrete mixer that’s been giving your company trouble? It might require some added TLC. Does your plant sit near residential areas where noise is a concern? Your concrete chipping work might need to take place outside of traditional hours. Do nearby road repairs mean your crew might need to take a roundabout way to get to your site? That might take a bit of added planning. We recommend laying any such issues out on the table at your project’s start in order to keep everyone on the same page — and to ensure the crew you hire has everything it needs to take on your work.
  • Work With a Concrete Chipping Crew Others Have Found Success With: Around here, we’re big believers that one person’s experience with a company is pretty indicative of how that company regularly operates. For that reason, we encourage you to talk with friends and colleagues about those they’ve worked with in the past. Who have they done business with? How did the work go? Would they do anything differently in the future — or hire them again? From there, consider taking to the internet for additional research. A company’s online reviews and Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings can tell you a lot. And if you want to go even deeper, you might consider asking your potential concrete chipping company (or companies) for references or testimonials.

When Should You Book Concrete Chipping, Massachusetts?

Your precise schedule for concrete chipping needs will vary somewhat, based on factors such as the amount of work your crew carries out on the regular, the age of your ready-mix trucks and even the types of concrete you pour. The industry standard, however, is to book concrete chipping and cement silo cleaning work on a quarterly basis. By having trained pros evaluate and service your equipment on three-month intervals, you keep buildup under control, keep your drums and mixers healthy and are better prepared to spot (and stop) issues before they become full-fledged problems.

GENERAL CHIPPING TIP: When you book a full year’s worth of concrete chipping appointments out at once, it becomes easier to factor such work into busy schedules — and lowers the likelihood that you’ll forget this important ongoing maintenance. It also helps you avoid rush fees associated with last-minute emergency appointments.

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