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  • Concrete Chipping Video: Our Work and How it Helps Your Bottom Line

You may know you need concrete chipping in your business, but do you know how it helps your company as a whole? In this two-minute concrete chipping video we explain how regular chippings can boost your bottom line.

The Cost of Concrete Residue
Just like the last drops of water in a water bottle, concrete mixers always have some concrete residue left behind. Over weeks and months, that residue builds up and, if you don’t do something, it can seriously hurt your business.

There are two costly problems:

  • More concrete residue = less capacity.
    Initially it impairs your pour, but with time that residue builds up and diminishes your drum’s capacity — or eliminates it completely.
  • Immobilization.
    If you don’t know exactly how much residue there is, you don’t know exactly how much concrete your ready mix concrete truck’s drum can hold. It’s possible for so much concrete buildup to accumulate that your drum stops dead in its tracks.

Because it can be difficult to detect the concrete residue and measure how much is inside, it’s easy to get into trouble that impacts your bottom line.

The Benefits of Regular Chippings
You’ve seen the costs related to concrete residue. Now, let’s talk through ways to avoid them. Namely, how concrete chipping can help.

To keep your fleet rolling smoothly, we recommend chippings every three months. During these regular chipping appointments, the General Chipping team goes into your drums and chips out all the unwanted concrete buildup. This keeps your fleet rolling smoothly and your bottom line strong. Why? Because your drum is no longer in danger of becoming immobilized, your pour isn’t impaired — and you’ve regained full capacity of your mixer. Other benefits include less wasted concrete and fewer mixers needed per job. In our eyes, that’s a win/win.

Check out our Services page for more information about keeping your fleet up and running. You’ll also find information about our silo cleaning and central mixer cleaning options.

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