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At General Chipping, we believe in sharing construction resources, safety tips and other bits of advice to encourage a better informed — and fully protected — work environment. That’s where our Resources page comes in. This new addition to our company’s website is full of great information not just for our customers, but for our customers’ customers, too. Let us explain.

Have you ever struggled to describe to a customer what exactly Portland cement was? Or maybe how a volumetric mixer differs from a traditional cement mixing drum? Our glossary of terms offers easy-to-understand definitions you can work into the conversation to make sure everyone is on the same page with your projects.General Chipping's website provides a wide range of concrete chipping and construction resources.

Of course, we had to take our own industry into consideration, as well. Concrete chipping is an extremely specialized field, with only a handful of companies taking on the work. It makes sense that few people truly understand what the General Chipping team does day in and day out. Our Concrete Chipping: 101 video, found both on our Resources page and YouTube, is a great introduction. Press play and learn what goes into the process — and why it’s so important for your cement mixer drums, central mixers and cement storage silos. While you’re on our Resource page, take a look at our suggested concrete chipping best practices, as well as some interesting statistics.

There are countless resources companies can turn to for safety and industry information, and we’ve included a few of our favorites on the page, too. Among them? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Texas Aggregates & Concrete Association and the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association. We’ve linked directly to their websites to make it easy to scope out additional facts.

Take a moment to bookmark our new webpage — and check back for updates! Our goal is to add to the information and continue serving as a valuable resource for our friends, colleagues and customers. If you have an addition you’d like us to make, or just something you’ve been wanting to ask us, feel free to reach out through our Contact page. A team member will be in touch shortly!

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