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Concrete chipping, company productivity and customer satisfaction all go hand in hand. (And they can all do big things to help boost your bottom line!) At General Chipping, we are big believers in caring for the tools and vehicles you rely on to get your jobs done, and in the world of concrete and construction work, that means concrete chipping.

What is concrete chipping? This specialized service, performed by just a handful of companies nationwide, requires crews of concrete chippers to physically enter the drums of your cement mixing trucks and chip dried concrete away from the walls. The goal is to protect your business and bottom line by keeping your drums healthy, your projects on schedule — and your customers happy.

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What Are the Benefits of Concrete Chipping?

Concrete chipping helps ensure your redi-mix truck drums are free of excess material that can slow them down (or worse, grind them to a halt) and result in costly repairs and replacements. They also improve your drum’s carrying capacity. By removing excess material that eats up space inside your drum, you are able to transport more material to the job site. That makes for simpler, more streamlined pours.

Why Rely on a Professional Concrete Chipping Company?

Why should you trust your ready mix truck drums to a concrete chipping company, rather than taking on the work yourself? There are a number of reasons, of course, but it all boils down to the safety of your people and the overall health of the ready-mix concrete trucks you depend on.

Concrete chipping is dangerous work. Between issues such as flying debris, airborne cement dust and confined spaces, even the most careful companies find themselves facing risks on the job. In order to ensure the safety of those digging in on the concrete chipping work — as well as those around them — professional concrete chippers undergo hours of specialized training. This training factors in everything from personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements, to ways to troubleshoot mechanical issues and what to do in the event of an emergency. They also learn how to protect your drums.

The redi-mix truck drums that help drive your projects are a major investment. Unsafe practices, such as putting a handheld jackhammer in the hands of an untrained worker, can spell disaster for your drum and lead to cost-prohibitive repairs. While minor damage is a possibility with any concrete chipping project, a trained chipping crew will understand the tools and approach it takes to tackle your job as safely as possible — and with the least amount of impact to your drum.

How Often Should You Book with Your Concrete Chipping Company?

Although requirements will vary depending on the volume of work your company carries out, the concrete blends you use and even your redi mix trucks, there industry standards in place to help keep your drums healthy. At General Chipping, we recommend you book concrete chipping services every three months to keep your drums free of dried material, and to keep your projects moving.

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“We’re in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, and it helps that I just work with one guy for all of our facilities. It makes things less confusing, and scheduling is a lot easier.”
– Joe Wallace, Hanson Ready Mix

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