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  • What is "Chipping Concrete?" A Back-to-Basics Explainer

What is "chipping concrete?" For many people who work in construction and similar fields, the question might seem silly. Even so, at General Chipping our crew comes across individuals and companies almost daily who haven’t heard about the work we do. We wanted to take the opportunity to provide a simple overview of what ready mix chipping services are, and why they are so important for your redi mix truck drums, central mixers and cement storage silos. Read on to learn more!General Chipping answers a common question: What is chipping concrete?

What is Chipping Concrete?
Concrete chipping is the process of clearing dried concrete from the walls of redi mix truck drums, cement storage silos and central mixers. When possible, our crews physically enter the spaces, using handheld jackhammers (and proper PPE such as hardhats, steel toe boots and eye protection) to chip away at the material inside. We then remove the chipped concrete, leaving drums clear and ready for the work ahead.

Why is Concrete Chipping Important?
Excess buildup can slow your drums or lead to complete breakdowns. By removing heavy dried concrete from the walls of your redi mix trucks and central mixers, and clearing clogs from your cement storage silos, you keep your tools of the trade working their best, and ready to serve you for future projects. By sidestepping halts in your team’s work, you remain on schedule, you keep customers happy — and your business benefits from a healthier bottom line.

How Often Should I Schedule Concrete Chipping?
At General Chipping, we recommend having your redi mix truck drums and central mixers chipped every three months to keep your business moving forward. Because wet concrete isn’t actually flowing through your cement storage silos, those cleanings can take place on a slightly extended schedule if need be. In our experience, however, it is simpler to take care of all concrete maintenance during a single visit. Oftentimes clients will book a full year of appointments for their mixers, silos and truck drums all at once.

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