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  • Things Your Concrete Chipping Crew Should be Doing

It’s like clockwork — every three months your concrete chipping crew arrives to roll up its sleeves on your company’s drum chipping, central mixer cleaning and silo cleaning needs. But, is the crew doing everything they should be doing for you? While every business operates a little differently, there are a few things every qualified chipping company should do to ensure a healthy working relationship — and the best possible maintenance for your drums and silos.General Chipping details the things your concrete chipping crew should be doing.

Work with Your Schedule
A concrete chipper should be willing to carry out your project in a way that makes sense for your business. Whether that means booking chippings during the day rather than traditional overnight appointments or traveling to residential areas, the company should be willing to incorporate some flexibility into the game plan.

Keep You in the Loop
The best working relationships are those where all parties are on the same page. Has your concrete chipping company educated you about your project’s timeline and estimated costs? Have they checked to see if you have any questions about the chipping process or why it is necessary? If there were delays or issues, have they let you know what was going on?

Prove They’re Qualified for the Job
Many people falsely believe that owning a jackhammer and being willing to enter a cement mixing drum is enough to start chipping concrete. The truth is, certain training and licensing is required to ensure a company can carry out the work safely and with as little threat of damage to your drums and silos as possible. Ask to see your concrete chippers’ proof of insurance, as well as their certifications. If you’re still skeptical, ask for references so you can speak to past customers about their experiences.

We hope this overview provides a helpful glimpse at what your concrete chipping crew should be doing for you. If you have questions about any of the information here, or if you’d like to know more about chipping concrete, feel free to contact General Chipping. We would love to hear from you!

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