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  • Safety in Your Construction and Concrete Work

Between the heavy equipment, harsh outdoor conditions and everyday strains of the job, construction and concrete work are inherently dangerous. At General Chipping, we believe safety should come first and foremost — every job, every day.

A few seemingly simple considerations can save lives on the job site. Take a moment to read through these safety-focused blog articles, assess your team’s practices and find places you can make improvements. It’s all part of keeping your crew ready to roll and as safe as possible.

See Some of General Chipping’s Top Blog Posts Related to On-the-Job Safety:

Safety should always be a top priority in construction and concrete work.

Confined Spaces and Concrete Chipping
We feel it is important to highlight the potential hazards our team faces on the job as a way to educate our friends and clients while encouraging safe practices. Take, for instance, confined spaces. Read More>>

Ergonomics in Concrete Work
Protective eyewear, steel toe boots, hard hats and similar PPE play an important role in keeping concrete workers safe on the job. Still, there are other precautions to consider, too. Read More>>

Protecting Your Crew Against Cement Dust
Concrete work is dangerous, and on a variety of levels. Crews often find themselves working in extreme temperatures or around heavy traffic, and the physical strain can pack a punch. Read More>>

Keeping Your Crew Safe in Hot Summer Months
From sunburns, to dehydration and even heat stroke, warm weather presents a unique set of hazards. It’s important for your entire team to take measures to go in prepared. Read More>>

Working Safely in Frigid Outdoor Conditions
Just as summer presents its own set of safety concerns for outdoor workers, winter does, too. Is your team armed with proper cold weather safety information for when temperatures drop?  Read More>>

Looking for even more great advice regarding safe practices for your construction and concrete work? Check out all of our safety-centric blog posts! Or, get in touch through any of the methods on our Contact page. We would love to hear from you.

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