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  • #HoustonStrong — Through Hurricane Harvey, its Aftermath and Beyond.

General Chipping stands #HoustonStrong during Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath. They say it is during times of trouble that one’s true character shines through. As General Chipping’s hometown of Houston continues to recover and rebuild in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, we couldn’t agree more. In late August we watched as Harvey doused our city with record-breaking amounts of rainfall, as waters rose, as flooding began, and as people showed what it meant to stand #HoustonStrong.

Friends opened their homes to those affected by rising waters. Volunteers turned out in droves to lend a hand. Financial donations rolled in not just from throughout Houston, or even Texas, but from every corner of the globe. The deep level of support we witnessed far surpassed simple southern hospitality. This was humanity at its finest.

We wish to thank everyone who stood with Houston, and who continue to do so as we deal with the storm’s aftermath. For those still looking for ways to give back, consider a contribution to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. The road to recovery will be a long one, and it will undoubtedly contain its obstacles. But, together, we can overcome this. We are #HoustonStrong.

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