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  • General Chipping Joins the Ranks of Build With Strength’s Concrete Professionals

General Chipping is proud to announce we’ve partnered with Build With Strength! What is Build With Strength? It’s an organization focused on educating individuals on the benefits of ready mixed concrete, and encouraging its use as a building material. The group is backed by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, and members come from a range of professions. Some are engineers, some are policymakers, some are emergency service personnel and, yes, some are concrete chippers.

Why the decision to throw our support behind the group? Beyond the fact that Build With Strength speaks out on issues that affect the concrete companies and contractors we work with each day, we believe in its mission. Whether on the jobsite or in everyday life, safety should come first and foremost — period. Build With Strength does a phenomenal job getting word out about the various protections concrete offers, such as its resistance to fire, resilience against natural disasters the fact that it doesn’t harbor mold. Such information benefits people from all walks of life, from families in search of a new apartment home, to construction companies planning their next builds.

As an added note, the organization’s willingness to educate those around them hits close to home for our company. As you’ve probably gathered from reading our blog, we are firm believers that everyone benefits from a bit of knowledge. We’ve witnessed firsthand how much more smoothly business transactions go when clients understand not only WHAT a company plans to do on the jobsite, but WHY — and, subsequently, why it’s worth the client’s hard-earned money. Everyone wins in those instances.

We look forward to the months ahead as we further our relationship with Build With Strength, and find new ways to help the organization get its message out there.

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