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  • Why Would My Concrete Truck Require Emergency Chipping Services?

You might have noticed that, in addition to our silo cleaning service and traditional chipping services, General Chipping also makes it a point to offer emergency assistance. This is something that has left more than a couple of our clients and colleagues scratching their heads. After all, for a company that doesn’t do concrete truck mechanical work, why would we need to step in to help on short notice? We’re glad you asked.

You see, the dried material inside your ready mix concrete trucks doesn’t just eat into the volume your drums can hold. If left unchecked — and, in our case, unchipped — it can do serious damage to the trucks themselves. Consider the fact that dried concrete is heavy. It makes sense that, when more concrete accumulates along your drum’s walls, your concrete truck will have to work harder when it comes to mixing materials. Regular rotation of your cement mixing drum could, over time, become sluggish. Given enough time and enough excess concrete, that drum could come to a complete halt.

When your cement mixing drums stops working, so does your team. The end result can be missed deadlines, unhappy customers and a hit to your bottom line — that is, if the problem goes on for too long. That’s why our team offers emergency chipping services. Our skilled crew of concrete chippers is always ready to hit the road to help get your fleet back up and running again so your work can continue on without a hitch.

General Chipping provides emergency chipping services to help keep your operations moving.

Although regular maintenance is always preferable to emergency repairs, we are glad to assist with both. You can always reach us through our Contact page. Prefer a phone call instead? That works, too! Dial 1.866.343.8295 to get started. We look forward to hearing from you, and keeping your fleet ready to roll.

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