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Here When You Need Us.At General Chipping, our crew takes pride in providing emergency assistance upon which our clients rely. But what exactly does that entail? (After all, “emergency assistance” means different things to different people — especially when it comes to your ready mix trucks.) For us, it’s a willingness and ability to hit the road on any day, at any time, in the event that built-up material renders your crew unable to do its work.

Put simply, our specialties don’t lie in worn-out engines, oil leaks or faulty brakes. Instead, we’re here to help with last-minute concrete chipping services to fix that redi mix truck drum that no longer rotates smoothly, the central mixer churning out concrete blends filled with lumps and the cement silo that doesn’t always want to pour. We’re big on encouraging preventative maintenance around here, (remember to book those chippings every three months!) but we know equipment and vehicle issues can happen just about anywhere. Here are a few tips to help make finding (and booking) emergency assistance a little easier, so your crew can get back to business quickly.

Know Who to Call Before Trouble Sets in
The only thing worse than contending with a down-and-out redi mix truck drum? Not knowing who to contact to get that down-and-out drum back on track. Keep a list of emergency numbers at the ready, so you can leap into action quickly. This is good advice for virtually every emergency situation, not just concrete chipping. Fill your list with trusted plumbers, mechanics, electricians and concrete chipping companies you’ve worked with in the past. Who knows? That prior working relationship could give you an advantage when that company determines whether or not they can offer last-minute service.

Know What They’ll Need to Know
It isn’t enough to simply pick up the phone and request emergency assistance. You’ll have to provide your concrete chipping company with a few details so they can determine whether they have the ability to tackle the job — and, if so, so they can provide a time and cost estimate. You’ll want to detail everything from where you’re located, to what the specific problem is, and perhaps even the brand of mixing drum affected. Other information, such as the date of your last chipping and the number of drums affected, can also help them determine how many team members will be required on their end. We’ve detailed a few such considerations (and what to expect when it comes to emergency assistance) in a previous blog post.

Any disruption to your concrete or construction crew’s day-to-day can be frustrating. But rest assured that having a quality team on your side when it comes time for emergency assistance can make all the difference. If you have questions on any of the above, or if you’d like to know more about our range of services, feel free to contact the General Chipping team. We’re here, and we’re happy to help!

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