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  • The Unexpected Beauty of Concrete Buildings

General Chipping discusses the beauty of concrete buildings

With a bit of creativity and ingenuity, concrete buildings can be awe-inspiring. Because the material is easy to mold and shape, it lends itself to creativity in design. And the possibilities are virtually endless. In truth, concrete has uses far beyond everyday streets sidewalks, even finding its place in home décor. It truly stands out brilliantly in the world of concrete architecture, however. Check out a few of our favorite famous concrete structures.

Santiago Calatrava’s Auditorium – Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands
This magnificent waterfront masterpiece, designed by architect Santiago Calatrava, was constructed in 2003 and is made completely out of concrete. Utilized as an auditorium that can seat up to 1,800 — with a music hall that seats 400 — this stunning concrete building has arches that span 50 meters on each side and a shell-like roof that also helps promote natural ventilation. This feat of concrete architecture is as functional as it is beautiful.

Villa Saitan – Kyoto, Japan
Made to resemble a tree trunk with leaves, this whimsical concrete structure is a multi-housing complex with 11 units hidden inside. From the exterior this beautiful concrete building gives the appearance that it is one house. Designed by the architects at EASTERN Design Office, this concrete housing was built on a historical site in Kyoto in 2006.

Science Hills – Komatsu, Japan
Designed by Mari Ito of the Urban Architecture Office in 2013, this concrete building has rolling hills with grass on top to merge architecture and nature together. Built mainly of reinforced concrete, this work of art was created as a way to draw attention to science and industry in the area, and also serves as a park with greenspace up top. This structure has courtyards, pathways and rooftop lawns, making it anything but ordinary.

Cidade das Artes – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Constructed in 2013 from a design by Lucio Costa, this concrete building is considered a city inside of itself, due the many amenities it has to offer. Those include everything from a theatre, to a movie house, dance studio, exhibits, restaurants and even a media library. The massive structure’s outline complements the curves of the mountain skyline that surrounds it.

With concrete architecture like this, it’s clear that our friends in concrete and construction work are capable of some pretty amazing things. General Chipping provides a range of services to help keep such companies’ equipment and vehicles running without missing a beat, and to keep crews ready to roll.

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